Everytime BLACKPINK girls appear, they capture all eyes with their gorgeous and fashionable outfits!

tphuong, 15-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Not only beautiful and talented, these girls are known for their outstanding outfits on stage.

Since their debut in 2016, Black Pink has made netizens surprised by their beauties, talents and more than that is their unique fashion style. Not choosing music style as other girl groups, Black Pink has chosen the strong music style. For that reason, they usually choose the unique and street style instead of choosing cute outfits.

Here are the unique fashion outfits on Black Pink's stage since their debut.


Debut with the song "BOOMBAYAH", Black Pink conquered the audiences by catchy music and unique fashions which is totally different from other girl groups'. The combination of crop tops and skirts, shorts mixed with colorful jackets boomed the BOOMBAYAH stage for Black Pink.

Who knows that crop tops or white shirts mixed with skirts and unique items are so gorgeous

... or the combination or shorts with colorful jackets.

2. Whistle

Stylists make the strong girls become sweet girls in "Whistle". No one can deny four girls look mysterious and attractive in these girly outfits. 


3. Playing with Fire

In "Playing with fire", YG girls impressed fans with the whole red color covering the stage. Everyone agrees that this eye-catching combination is the most popular outfit of the girls.

This outfit crowns their outstanding visuals

4. Stay

"Stay" outfit on the M countdown stage also captured the audiences' attraction. There is no need for too many accessories or fancy items, they used familiar items of the youth like skirts, suits, socks or boots... This is the most beautiful outfit of Black Pink voted by netizens.

Just familiar items also make Black Pink become Queens

5. As If It's Your Last

The outfits in "As If It's Your Last" is full of colors and accessories. This is also said to be one of the most outstanding outfits of Black Pink.

Which outfit of these girls do you like the most? Let's wait for the next comeback's outfit! 

source: kstarlive


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