Everybody wants to see idols' fanboys so bad, now they appear and create a huge fun for both fans and idols!

NA, 18-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Do you know about this legendary "crazy" fanboy? His screaming might haunt Kpop idols' dream and when you look at their reaction when he shouted their names, you can't help but laughing so hard.

Netizens joked: " This fanboy should be a main vocalist. Because he keeps screaming Kpop idols' names for even one month. If it's me my throat will just spoiled or something".

Indeed, this "crazy fanboy" made his Kpop idols so speechless and they can't do anything but being so shy and grinning.

Irene and Joy burst into laughter because their fanboy is screaming so hard 

Samuel looks so surprised 

BTS's members laugh so hard when they hear their fanboy screaming Jin's real name

Chungha is surprised by this fanboy's screaming. She try to act normal but finally, she burst into laughter 


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