Every girl in this world will definitely be jealous with these 'flower' boys with their flawless bare faces!

KawaiiB, 16-05-2018
Without the magic of makeup “who is the pretiest of them all?”

Not only do female artists need the help of makeup to add glam when they appear on the screen, but even male stars also need a little bit of touch up too. This is also understandable because no audience would like to see a romantic film that the male lead shows up with dark circles due to insomnia, dry lips or skin defects. Therefore, the fact that male stars wear makeup is no longer strange to the public.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Famous for a number of popular films such as Cheese In The Trap, School 2015, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo ... Nam Joo Hyuk is currently one of the prominent stars of Korean drama industry due to his high-profile appearance, super handsome face. Nam Joo Hyuk is obviously the dream guy of many girls.

The perfect beauty of Nam Joo Hyuk when wearing makeup.

Participating in many reality shows such as 3 Meals A Day, Running Man, it is not hard for the fans to meet the no makeup face of the YG actor. Although there is no primer nor foundation, Nam Joo Hyuk's skin is still perfect. His handsomeness is not reduced much when he doesn’t wear makeup.

Nam Joo Hyuk is very handsome even without makeup.

His smooth and flawless skin.

Song Joong Ki

Not only famous for acting talent, Song Joong Ki is also known as an actor who owns beautiful baby "that does not age", who is the ideal model of many people. Whatever role he takes, Song Joong Ki is still able to drive the audience crazy by his handsome face and sweet smile.

Song Joong Ki is the perfect guy from head to toe. Being a thoroughbred in skin care, even publishing books on skin care, Song Joong Ki is fortunate to have smooth, white skin, that is even more beautiful female colleagues.

Even without makeup, Song Joong Ki is still beautiful.

Jo In Sung

A close friend of Song Joong Ki - Actor Jo In Sung is also a male celebrity in Korea who owns masculine face and body, especially charming lips and cleavage chin.

Jo In Sung is truly a god of Korean cinema.

Just like Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung is also fortunate to have beautiful skin and no defects. Even at the age of 40, Jo In Sung still has smooth skin, poreless. So without makeup, the actor is still stunning.

Jo In Sung's beautiful face with no dead angle.

Jo In Sung's flawless skin makes many people jealous.

Lee Jong Suk

From High Kick 3 to W: 2 Worlds, Love Saver, Lee Jong Suk remains the leading young actor in Korea. In the near future, the drama While You Were Sleeping is paired with Suzy will release, promising to be the next big hit in the industry.

Lee Jong Suk looking handsome when filming.

Acquire a reputation for his milky white skin, Even his makeup artists revealed that they have to use darker foundation than his skin to make the picture look less "glowing". 

Bright milky white skin without foundation.

Kim Soo Hyun

Although Kim Soo Hyun is not as beautiful as many other actors or idols, his beauty is always easy to attract people.

Kim Soo Hyun's masculine face.

Luckily, when Kim Soo Hyun doesn’t wear makeup, except for leaving his skin oily, every part of his face is perfect. 

Without makeup, Kim Soo Hyun's skin is slightly oily and tarnished.

But his beauty is no different from that when he wears makeup.

Park Bo Gum

After Reply 1988 and Love in the moonlight, Park Bo Gum is attracting a lot of attention. The actor not only becomes the face of a variety of brands but is also frequently invited to reality shows.

When he appeared in Youth Over Flower, viewers were so surprised by the smooth bare skin of the "Crown Prince". Because the show was filmed in Africa, Bo Gum was a little bit tanned, but it could not hide his handsome appearance.

Park Bo Gum's perfect skin.

Even without makeup

Ji Chang Wook

Referring to Ji Chang Wook, audiences will remember the harshest fights in the Healer or The K2, and his handsome face which gets him to be so famous nowadays. 

Does he look like the main character in a romatic novel?

Many times showing selfie photos without makeup on Instagram, Ji Chang Wook proves why he is titled “handsome god”. Even close-up shots at the airport did not diminish the beauty of Ji Chang Wook.

Although after a long flight, Ji Chang Wook is still handsome.

So, who do you think is the “prettiest of them all”?


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