Every day, Kpop idols can get into troubles or dangers from sasaeng fans

LinhLuong, 11-03-2018
If there were no fans, there wouldn't have idols who always love their fans. But if idols encounter sasaeng fans, things will get worse

Idols can be threatened by fans

Recently, Apink was threatened by a phone call. He called the police headquarters and threatened to plan to kill Apink. The police had to go to the company headquarters in Plan A to protect the girls, helping Apink less anxious. The reason for this is that Apink participates in a reality show  Finding X-Pink, and dating according to the script, but this fan thinks that the girls are actually dating and want to do something to prevent.

Idols can be kidnapped

Such an unbelievable thing had happened. SNSD were performing on stage, when a strange man appeared and tried to dragTaeyeon away in front of hundreds of people.

Idols can be treated harshly

The BTOB Sungjae members have had a rather unhappy experience when they came to Indonesia to record the Laws of the Jungle show. Fans were so enthusiastic that everyone reached out to pull Sungjae's face or getting closer to him to take selfies with him. As a result, Sungjae was frightened by a series of hands covering his face.

Idols are followed at all times

Dozens of people are seated outside like this behind Junsu's back.

EXO group was even more frightened when fans went to the door of the hotel room, and broke into their bathroom

Idols faced the rumors

IU has experienced a bad time by obsessive rumors, even insulting. She has once taken aggressive actions against those who fabricated the news, but they continued to appear.

Idols are disturbed on the stage

One would have thought that the theater was a safe area for artists, but it turned out not to be like that. At G-Dragon's new concert in Korea, an audience ran straight to the stage and hugged G-Dragon. The security staff must have been very difficult to pull this girl away, while G-Dragon reacted very professionally, still calmly performing as usual.

Fans even throw things at their idols

In a show in China, EXO's Chanyeol has hurt his foot, causing him to be slightly injured. After that, Lay had to call out the audience not to throw anything on the stage anymore.

And IU once asked the audience for a bottle of water to drink for thirst, and the result was a bottle of water flying up directly into her face. Certainly IU was quite in pain, but she still tried to smile and continued the show.




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