Even Running Man's "King of cheat" Lee Kwang Soo gave in to the BTS's funny tricks!

NA, 07-06-2018
With the strength and tricks, even the "King of cheat" Lee Kwang Soo gave in to the appearance of BTS and the game has made the audience laugh so hard.

Running Man team's cheats and tricks not only bring victory for themselves but also make the audience burst a gut laughing. Because these tricks and cheats are not really for their quick wits, for their silliness. In case nonfans don't know about Running Man team, here are the silly faces of the show: Kwang Soo, Jae Suk and Haha.

However, during the battle to donate rice in the 300th episode, BTS's members are so determined to win that they cheat the Running Man team by surprise. Especially the moment when Jimin rides on Kwang Soo's back is so funny that make fans cry out about their cuteness.

BTS and their impressive greeting performance at Running Man

Greeting gesture of the two leaders is so cool

Cheating game finally start!

Jimin suddenly rides on Kwang Soo's back and Running Man's King of cheat can't do anything but running around and seeking for help

BTS's extremely impressive appearance in Running Man show

 Is it the pincer movement?

Suga even teases Jong Kook and Gary that makes fans extremely excited. The moment V sneaky try his nametag tearing skill is also the show's highlight. However, Running Man team is not backing down and they start to seek revenge on Jin and RM that makes these two members of BTS can't help but accepting defeat.

Suga teasing Jong Kook and Gary

Nametag tearing is signature of Running Man and it seems like V also want to experience this interesting game

Leader Jae Suk backfired

It's three on one and there must be many people join BTS's fandom because of this moment

Innocent Jin be cheated by Gary

RM be cheated and he can't do anything but laughing

After a lot of effort, BTS finally achieves final victory with the help of youth and funny tricks.


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