Even “national center” also can’t escape from Park Ji Hoon’s cuteness

Mai Nhung, 13-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Despite bearing two opposite images, Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon always show such an incredible chemistry that no one can expect.

YMC Entertaiment have chosen and built the total opposite image for Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon in the eyes of public . If Kang Daniel looks handsome and cool with temperament of a prince charming, otherwise , Park Jihoon is extremely cute with his “national aegyo” in Produce 101, creating a new trend in Kpop artists. Referring to Wanna One, many fans will think of the harmony between Kang Daniel and Ong Seong Woo or maknae couple Lai Guanlin and Park Jihoon.

But if you try to make Kang Daniel stand next to Park Jihoon , people suddenly felt the strange attraction of these two magnet poles. Standing by other members, Kang Daniel obviously shows off his childishness, but with Park Jihoon, Kang Daniel is incredibly mature.

If Kang Daniel is so cold, attractive as a prince in real life;  Park Jihoon in the front is extremely cute. 

Bringing two different images, everyone thinks that: they will never stand beside each other on stage. But if they do, they will care and show love for their teammates really clearly. Kang Daniel's childishness was overwhelmed by Park Jihoon

Kang Daniel also becomes more mature when he is next to this little brother

Daniel has never shown that look for Hwang Minhyun or his best friend Ong Seong Woo.

He 'surrendered' before his brother even though he's holding the 'Cash Cannon' on his hand

When Park Jihoon wanted Kang Daniel to keep his secret by such a cute way that "national center" couldn't keep up with the laughters.

Don't think that these two magnet poles cant be intimate, because of the cuteness of Park Jihoon even makes Kang Daniel also melt...

Looking at the cold image in stage,  Kang Daniel look like a big brother. He is always the maknae at the shows he takes part in, but when he's with Jihoon, he coes back as a real hyung!

So much love in one frame

 Kang Daniel ah, our " Winkboy" is very cute, right?

This special couple is also loved by fans and they enthusiastically "ship" them so much. Sometimes the opposite also becomes a special feature that no fangirls can deny.



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