'Embarassing' moments when male idols are defamed standing next to taller colleagues

Hoàng Thị Linh, 27-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - They all possess a good height, but nobody knows why they still look so small and short beside other celebs like this.


As being Kbiz famous stars with ideal height like many other idols but when standing with these special colleagues, these guys seem to look smaller.

1. Bi Rain

Kim Tae Hee's husband - Bi Rain is also known for his "height" of 181cm, but when he stands by his colleague Lee Jung Jin (184m), he looks really tiny.

Netizens can easily see this obvious difference.

2. Lee Byung Hun

Lee Byung Hun is also in the list with an average height of 178cm. But when Lee Byung Hun and Jung Woo Sung are in the same frame, his height has been seriously concealed like this.

Lee Byung-hun’s height is defamed in comparing with Jung Woo Sung's.

When Lee Byung Hun was standing next to his foreign colleagues, he looked like a very small man with modest height.

3. Song Seung Hun

Next is the flower Song Seung Hun with a height of 180cm but when standing with his fellow Yeon Jung Hoon with the same height, they really look like chalk and cheese.

This picture shows that Song Seung Hun added almost 3 centimetres to his height in his profile.

4. Kim Bum

Actor Kim Bum, despite having a height of 181cm but standing by Jo In Sung (187cm), Kim Bum  was really overwhelmed by his height.

Thanks to this pair of shoes , Kim Bum decreased the height gap..

5. Seungri (Big Bang)

Big Bang's maknae Seungri also owns an average height of 177cm, but in the same frame with Go Hye Sun ( 163cm) Seungri looks just a little taller than her in reality. The difference is 14 centimetres

6. Young Hwa (CN Blue).

Like Seungri, Young Hwa also owns a perfect height. Especifically at the Baek Sang Arts Awards, Yong Hwa looked so small when standing beside comedian Lee Hwi Jae with the same height of 180cm..

8. Im Si Wan

Having the average height of 175cm which is not really short, but when he stood beside the beautiful goddess Yoona who has the height of 168cm, Si Wan seemed not so tall like we always thought.

This behind the scene showed his real height.

9. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun owns a dream height of 180cm but when working with his partner Jeon Ji Hyun, he still struggled. Jeon Ji Hyun is 173cm tall ,and she wears 15-20cm high-heels so she totally got over her colleagues.

Kim Soo Hyun had to stand on a box to do the photoshoot with Jeon Ji Hyun.

10. Song Joong Ki

Finally, Song Joong Ki with a height of 178cm, yet when he stands by his fellow Lee Kwang Soo of 194cm,  Song Joong Ki is just like a little boy.



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