Embarassing moments of Jungkook (BTS) when he's ignored

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 25-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) - The reaction of the youngest member (BTS) when he is in embarrassing situation makes fans feel funny.

Fans are so familiar with the one and only "Golden maknae" Jungkook of Kpop. He is so cool and always pampered by his brothers. Sometimes, he even "bullies" his brothersand transforms into a 'muscle rabbit'. Many times, fans have opportunities to laugh out loud because of his innocent face when he is in such "embarrassing" situations.

This is one of legendary gifs of Jungkook. He wants to take the board but no one pays attention so he have to pull his hand back.

Jungkook just wants to shake hand at "Golden Disc Awards 2018" but in return, he received a flower bouquet. That's fine!

Sometimes, the youngest boy is also ignored by his brothers. Obviously, there are three of them sitting next to each other, but V and Jimin deliberately ignore Jungkook.

In the past, Jimin frequently suffered from Jungkook's "coldness" but now the story has turned over 180 degrees. It goes in a totally different direction.

One time, Jungkook was also ignored by a fan after they did 'Fighting!', she moved to another member right then leaving Jungkook all alone with his hand raising for nothing!

Not only that, a cat also decides to "ignore" Jungkook even though he is eagerly calling many times.


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