Due to these maknaes' big figure, they make their sisters/ brothers become so tiny

The Hien Luong, 14-06-2018
The huge height gaps among maknaes and the oldest members in Kpop groups creates many humorous situations.

Chan Woo - Jin Hwan (iKON)

While Chan Woo has a height of 1m82, Jinhwan is known as one of the shortest K-pop idols. The tall body of the youngest member makes many people misunderstand about their ages as they go together.

The big brother of iKON looks so tiny while standing next to the maknae

P.O - Tae Il (Block B)

Tae Il looks like a tiny person when standing next to P.O. Height gap between the youngest brother and the big brother of Block B is 14 cm.

It is difficult to determine who is the eldest, who is the youngest of Block B if you only look at the bodies of the two boys.

Ji Yeon - Bo Ram (T-ara)

T-ara's big sister is mistaken for the maknae by her modest height while standing next to Ji Yeon who is the real maknae of the group. Idol born in 1993 is 12 cm taller than Bo Ram.

The moment Ji Yeon looks like a big sister and bullies the small sister of the group makes fans enjoy.

Woo Seok - Jin Ho (Pentagon)

Jin Ho's height is 1m75 in the profile, but in the group that has many tall guys like Pentagon, idol born in 1992 forming the "valley formation". In particular, the height gap between the oldest member and the youngest is 21 cm.

The Pentagon's duo - the big brother and the maknae is holding the record for the Kpop group having the most different height gap among members.

Seo Hyun - Tae Yeon (SNSD)

Since debut, Seo Hyun's height has overwhelmed other members, including the "kid leader" Tae Yeon.

Seo Hyun showed the remarkable height when standing beside the leader. In many photos, Seo Hyun looks like a big sister, taking care of Tae Yeon.

Joy - Irene (Red Velvet)

Before Yeri joined, Joy was the big maknae of Red Velvet. While Joy was considered to be Red Velvet's "salvation" from height, Irene has a small body and is joked about her height by Joy many times 

Joy has an impressive height of 1m68. Although there are only 7 cm height gap in profile, but in the real life picture, Joy looks bigger than her big sister a lot.

Source: Ione


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