Do you know which phone brands that Kpop idols often use?

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 12-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Not only the Samsung phone line, this brand is also famous among Kpop idol world.

Smartphones not only meet the communication needs of the workplace as well as the everyday life of celebrities but also the entertainment tool and accessories which express the personality and style of the user.

Although Korea is well-known for the world famous technology called Samsung, it seems that iPhone by Apple is also widely used by many Kpop idols. Let's find out which mobile brands Kpop idols are using today!

1. Samsung

Samsung brand is not only well-known in the world but also popular that many Kpop idols are using because of its features. In addition, this is the "Made in Korea" brand.

In 2016, fans realized that JaeJong (JYJ) was also using the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Also owning a S5, however, Seunghyun (FT Island) confirmed the difference with his unique phone case

HyunA also buys the fashionable Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a glittering case.

G-Dragon was also a follower of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2016.

Hyeri (Girl's Day) now uses Galaxy S7 Edge.

While other members are using Iphone, Choi Minhwan (FT Island) is still loyal to Samsung Galaxy S8.

Wheein (Mamamoo) is also using Galaxy S7 along with Moonbyul.

SungJong (INFINITE) also owns Galaxy Note 5.

From movie to life, Kang MinHyuk (CNBLUE) still likes his Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Chanyeol (EXO) is still fond of Samsung Galaxy S8+ while other members are using Iphone X.

Besides, many idols have their own Galaxy Samsung lines as Zico (Block B) - Glaxy Note 8, Momo (TWICE) - Galaxy S8, Jung Chanwoo (iKON) - Galaxy S8 +, Sandeul (B1A4) - Galaxy Note 5 Platinum, Bomi (APink) - Galaxy S8, etc.

2. Iphone

The other phone brand are favoured by Kpop idols is iPhone. It not only has beautiful design, but also many applications and long durability.

G-Dragon also upgraded onto a fashionable IPhone 7.

And now upgrading to iPhone X 

Before, TaeYang once used the Iphone 5S .

Dara also bought a gold-plated case for her Iphone 6s plus (now she has changed into Iphone X).

Taeyeon has also used Iphone 5s and Iphone 6s plus.

Now she is using Iphone 7 plus.

 Boygroup EXO are also followers of Iphone. Sehun is so cool with Iphone 7 in silver.

Kai appeared at the airport with an Iphone 6s, and now he has upgraded to Iphone 7 Black.

EunJi - Apink also owns a cute pink Iphone 6s.

Wendy - Red Velvet focused on her iPhone 6s on the way to the airport.

Suga and the silver iPhone 6s Plus. And now he is using Iphone 7 Matte Black.

Jungkook - BTS with the Iphone 6S Rose Gold.

Because Jung Kook frequently drops his phone, his Iphone was also replaced by the trendy Iphone X Space Gray which is the gift that fans gave to him.

Mingyu (Seventeen) also owns an iPhone 7 Matte Black.

Besides, there are also many other artists who owns the Iphone brand especially their latest product - Iphone X  with special features, such as RM (BTS), S-Coups (Seventeen), the whole group Wanna One except Lai Guan Lin, G-Dragon, LE (EXID), Mino, Jinwoo, Seunghoon (WINNER), etc.


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