Do you know about 12 indispensable items from Kpop fan's collection?

Nguyễn Ngọc Anh, 13-03-2018
There are so many ways to show your love over Kpop, including outfits, posters, photocards, even handy fans! Music is not the only one factor that pull you into Kpop world.

Some stuffs from Kpop fan's collection are always mentioned:

1. Album

This must-have item is one of 12 indispensable things from Kpop fan's collection. It's called physical album with a CD going with a special photobook. Actually nowaday, artists' management company tend to release more than 2 album's versions for more selection. Since there are many versions, fans sometimes can't choose which one is their best choice.

2. Photocard

Beside Album, photocard is the most collected item. Photocard has the same size as a trading card and Kpop fan collected them from concerts, some events,... That makes a Kpop album different from a Western album: much more photocards!

3. Postcard

Postcard is bigger than photocard and it's not as popular as photocard. Postcard is usually sold in sets.

4. Posters

Kpop fan must collect idol's poster, for sure. Everytime they order an album, poster is always the best part ever! All Kpop fan will paste the poster on the wall and decorate the room with their own way. This is really interesting!

5. Goods - Clothes, hats, shoes,...

Kpop fan looking forward idol's concert not only for their appearance, but also for the goods will be sold such as clothes, hats, even shoes. This is a way to show their love because when looking at what they wear, you will find out who is their idol.

6. Photobook

On special occasion, kpop group will release their own photobook to 'feed' their fan. It's usually a big photobooklets with lots of pages.

Also a Kpop idol's fansite released their photobook, contained many idol's photos that have never been announced before.

7. Slogans

These days, Kpop fan tend to quote a sentence from their idol group's song to make a slogan to raise in concert. It's usually a meaningful sentence.

8. Dolls

An easy and adorable way to keep your idol close to you. A lot of groups own their doll version. They sometimes go with some small accessories.

9. Lightstick

Kpop fans need to wave their lightstick at idols' concert and each group has its own lightstick. Some groups' lightstick is set up to change the color along the song they perform.

10. Mini banner

One of the most interesting creation for Kpop fan: a mini banner. It looks like a standee but much smaller and it's usually idol's images on stage or fansign,...

11. Fans

This is exactly a familiar item with Kpop fan with idol's images printed on the fan's surface.

12. Hanging hook

A hanging hook is usually designed with stylized image, it can be group's logo, chibi form,...



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