Do you have any guys to go dating on White Valentine's Day?

LinhLuong, 14-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Don't need to think too much, let's spend this special occasion along with these popular 'oppas'.

White Day is the day for the opponent to respond to the feelings that they received before on 14/2. On March 14th, the opponent often responds by offering simple gifts such as sweet candies, biscuits or white chocolate instead of regular chocolates like traditional Valentine's Day.

Fans and idols are making a date in their own way through social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and even V-live. For them, any day when fans meet their idols, that day also becomes Valentine's Day. Take a look at your lover and choose a ''charming prince'' to have a date on this special day.

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel and his "addiction syndrome'' is spreading throughout the Kpop fan community. Even non-fans, just see Kang Daniel's image, making them crazy. Kang Daniel's attractive is not only his expression on the stage, but also his sweet smile. Kang Daniel is ideal boyfriend that everyone wishes to have a date with. Surely, your date with this sweet guy will be great.

If he is standing in front of your door and embarrassed with flowers in his hands, you won't be able to control your piece.

A cute guy, pleasant temperament, handsome face, with the height of 180 cm, he is ideal boyfriend of many girls

Kang Daniel's fashion style is suitable for a simple dating


Compared to Kang Daniel, JR brings warmer vibe. He is so sweet, quiet, but devoted to everything, creating trust of all girls. JR is warm enough to be a perfect boyfriend. If you have a date with JR, you will just become beautiful and he will take a good care of you.

The gentle and warm man will make your dating become perfect

His fashion style is simple but still attractive

Warm voice will dispel the cold weather of this March


Yunho is the type of mature man that anyone needs in life. He owns perfect talent, personality and appearance. 

If you are dating Yunho, there's nothing to worry about.

 Sometimes, he is interested in this style with round glasses

With his cuteness, no one dares to be sulky with him. 


If you have a date with L, you will surely need to worry about him because of his charming beauty. Being in the top most handsome faces from many major charts, L is always excellent with his looks. This sweet guy is definitely the best gift for you on White Day!

Stylish and fashionable. Walking beside L, you will even become prominent

His sweet smile made fans enchanted

Sometimes he is so lovely, not inferior to anyone. Are you ready to confess to L on White Day?


If you are dating with Park Jimin, you will sure to receive a big gift for this day. Jimin is the type of man that will never let you get jealous of other girls. Surely, Jimin will make you surprised. He always takes care for others, his girlfriend won't have to worry about anything.

Cute boyfriend that you just want to keep for your own, don't you?

Today is White Valentine's Day, do you want to have a date with this cute guy?

Such a simple fashion is enough to go out and dating, Jimin!

Which boy is the ideal boyfriend that you want to have a date on White Valentine's Day?



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