Discussion: Are idol group's visuals talented or just good looking?

Nguyễn Ngọc Anh, 13-03-2018
Is there an unwritten law that Kpop fans should know about Korea idol groups? Every group have their own visual as known as 'center'. Then actually, is 'center' member required to be talented or just need to be good looking?

The visuals are chosen by their company and their main purpose on the group is to be pretty, attractive and handsome.

Kpop fans, even non-fan agree that visuals must be the most beautiful and handsome member to have fan under their spell. List of famous visuals: YoonA (SNSD), L (Infinite), Naeun (A Pink), Irene (Red Velvet), Taeyong (NCT)

YoonA (SNSD) is well known as one of the most beautiful visuals

L (Infinite) was also a famous visual

Naeun (A Pink)

Taeyong (NCT) - New gen's top visual

However, for those groups who is more presentative such as EXO, SEVENTEEN, visuals are required to have excellent dacncing skills. Fan can say their names in one second: Kai (EXO), Hoshi (SEVENTEEN),...

Kai (EXO) is one of the best 'dancing machines' of Kpop


Sungjae (BTOB) is not outstandingly handsome, but he was chosen as BTOB's visual because of his popularity

Although each company has their own way to choose visuals but these are often the member that fit the most into the Korean beauty standards. They gain a lot of attention and sparkling interest for their group. However, what if the visuals lack of singing and dancing? Don't worry, their pretty face and charming appearance will save them by the bell!


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