Did you know that the dangerous scenes in Fake Love are 100% real?

KawaiiB, 23-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) – In “Fake Love” MV, only Love is Fake, the rest is 100% real.

Recently, a fact that astonished A.R.M.Y about the music video that is “storming” Kpop industry -"Fake Love". Did you know that all dangerous scene in the video was actually filmed without any special effect?! There are scenes like Jimin's waterfall, Suga's flaming fire scene, the floor falling continuously as Jungkook runs, twinkle twinkle space around the V or even the candy "bed" that J-Hope lied on,… 

In this MV, BTS members do really show off their passion and charismatic. However, a very dangerous scene attracted the attention of the audience on BTS's "Comeback Show Vlive".


This dangerous scene.

The water rushing down Jimin

Suga’s fire explosion 

However, the director also assured the ARMYs that they shouldn’t worry about the safety of BTS’s members Water and fire were filmed separately before filming Jimin and Suga, and the boys were also protected with safety belts.

Bonus: Do you remember J-Hope's candy "bed" in the MV? Those are really candy!

Thế Estimated cost for this scene only is about 300.000 USD. Big Hit really makes it big this time, right?

As for the twinkle twinkle twinkle scene, these are phones (possibly LG?) that are hanged upside down and controlled remotely by the staffs and director Lumpenss

This sparkling miracle space happened

.... thanks to a smartphone sponsor!

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