Did you catch up with the 13 of BTS V’s most fashionable outfits of 2018 so far?

Hoang Anh Phuong, 11-06-2018
From sexy to strange – V looks good in every style!

1. Red Carpet Chic

V on the red carpet at the Golden Disk Awards.

2. Checkered Champion

V at The 27th Seoul Music Awards.

3. Sports Star

V (right) modeling as a brand ambassador for Puma.

4. Grandpa Swagger

V modeling RM’s outfit on BTS Run (Episode 30).

5. Blast From the Past

V with his members, wearing retro clothes for a retro episode of BTS Run (Episode 29).

6. Anime Prince

V wearing white lace at the Golden Disk Awards.

He looks like an anime prince!

7. Shiny is the New Sexy

V performing at BTS’s 4th Muster, HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

8. Red & Grey

V performing a stage sketch at BTS’s 4th Muster, HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

9. Cute in Blue

V wearing an adorable onesie during BTS’s 4th Muster, HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

10. Hanbok Hero

V wearing a hanbok to celebrate the New Year!

11. Denim Legend

V can make anything look good – including this full denim outfit he wore during the “Fake Love” MV shoot!

12. Dark and Shiny

He can shine even in a full black outfit.

13. Pink & White Cowboy

Somehow, he made this look work.

Source: Koreaboo

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