Despite the shining cast with great acting skills, these dramas still received the lowest ratings in history

Vu Thao Phuong, 07-04-2018
These dramas make SBS, KBS and MBC end their dream.

If an episode broadcast on Korean stations (KBS, MBC, SBS, ...) rated 3 - 4%, it will be considered low. However, this is not the unluckiest works of television in this country. Here is the list of the 20 lowest-rated Korean dramas, according to AGB Nielsens, excluding cable TV. 

20. Stranger Than Paradise (SBS 2006): 2,8%

The last in the list of 20 Korean dramas with the lowest rating was a SBS drama. The reason for the failure of this work is due to old content, characters are outdated and most of the actors own really bad acting skills.

19 - 17. The Thief's Daughter (SBS 2000), She's the One (KBS 2000), Look Back in Anger (KBS 2000): 2,7%

Kết quả hình ảnh cho joo jin mo old

"Look Back in Anger"

Many of the projects of SBS and KBS in 2000 were crisised by such ratings due to the fact that they were in turn confronting MBC's Legendary Doctor Hur Jun, a drama with a long broadcast period. Over 7 months, the highest rating of that drama went up to 64%. 

16. Please Come Back Mister (SBS 2016): 2,6%

The lowest rating of this work is the 16th episode. The reason why Please Come Back Mister didnt receive good ratings is because its rival " The Descendant of the Sun" was too strong. It is bitter that SBS has rejected the script of  "The Descendant of the Sun" and must watch it become the blockbuster of their rival - KBS.

15 - 14. I'm Not a Robot (MBC 2017), Orange Marmalade (KBS 2015): 2,4%

 "I'm Not a Robot"

Both works aimed at young viewers, which are not attractive to those watching through television. One point to note is that the 2.4% that I'm Not a Robot achieved is in 13th episode; Unlike many other films, this film broadcasts two consecutive episodes each, each episode lasting only 30 minutes.

13 - 11. The Family Is Coming (SBS 2015), Hi! School-Love on (KBS 2014), Autumn Shower (MBC 2005): 2,3%

"Hi! School-Love on" 

Excluding the first two films broadcast over the past 4 years, the Autumn Shower was released in 2005, but the ratings were not so high as their rival from KBS's "My Rosy Life". The rating for this work is up to 47%.

10 - 9. Sassy Go Go (KBS 2015), Beyond the Clouds (KBS 2014): 2,2%

In these two films, Sassy Go Go is a teen movie. The young star were gathered in this work and it talked about school love but may not be enjoyed by the mainstream audience who are housewives.

8. Let’s Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset (MBC 2018): 2,1%

Han Hye Jin's new drama was not a good begining when it only reached 2.1% for the second episode. But in later episodes, Let's Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset improved a bit but still very low. 

7. My Heart Twinkle Twinkle (SBS 2015): 2,0%

The weekend was never the strength of SBS and My Heart Twinkle Twinkle was also a weekend floped drama. The drama only reached 2% rating for 10th episode, completely lost in front of the monster "weekend drama" KBS. 

6 - 5. The Great Seducer (MBC 2018), Six Martyred Ministers (KBS 2007): 1,9%

The two works are 11 years apart but they share the same fate. The Great Seducer is the current MBC drama, starring a young star and possessing a story about a rich man. Interest in the film is mostly from young audiences between the ages of 10 and 20. 

4 - 3. Foolish Love (KBS 2000), 20th Century Boy and Girl (MBC 2017): 1,8%

Broadcasted during the final episodes of the Legendary Doctor Hur Jun so of course "Foolish Love" is just pensive because of the "wrong time". The rating of the drama is very low, reaching only 1.8%, which is equal to the record of 20th Century Boy and Girl that Han Ye Seul role in 17 years later. 

2. Late Night Restaurant (SBS 2015): 1,5%

Based on Japanese comic Shinya Shokudo, Late Night Restaurant was not watched by many viewers when it was broadcast late at night. In addition to the number of 1.5%, the drama also left an unforgettable impression on the audience with Nam Tae Hyun's bad performance.

1. Manhole (KBS 2017): 1,4%

Currently holds the title of the lowest rated Korean drama of the year, KBS's Manhole, a drama in which three-quarters of the cast are idols. The work was also voted as the worst Korean drama in 2017. 


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