Despite being close friends, these K-pop idols are ready to fight each other even on TV shows!

Mai Nhung, 13-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - This article would surprise you on how K-pop idols treat their group members.

Kpop idols are not only good at singing, dancing but also talkative and have a great sense of humor. Some times, they mercilessly complaint or fight with their group members on TV show to bring the joy to their fans. People called that is“ Lover’s quarrel are soon mended”!

Seungri is willing to” betray “ his brother to reveal Big Bang's hidden fact. "The group usually sang the sad songs because all of  composer‘s relationship have failed "

 “Like father, like child” is not wrong. Tablo and a handsome boy go together: “ Daughter, having a good boy” _ Haru asked: “ Where is he?"

 “ Comic star” Heechul said that if you want to find out Joy’s charming point, it might take all day.

Although Henry and Amber is close friend, she also talks the truth : “ People have to know you are trash “

BamBam wanted to act a little "weak" but he just received the cold attitude from mischievous brothers’ .

Key has truthfully answered MC’s question for Minho’s acting ability, he said: “ There are a lot of chessy lines in the script as his friend but I couldn’t stand watching it.”

The evil maknae Jeon Jungkook is willing to take advantage of the opportunity to "diss" his oldest brother in a merciless way. "Do you know that your life is awkward?"

Eunji wondered why she used to choose Kwangsoo as her ideal type in the past, and she said that she was in deep regret for saying that.

When Suga did not get the photocard he wanted, whether it was Jin's or anyone else's, he quickly ... throws it away.

For Amber, a perfect men is like cold and chic looking guy and very cute when he smiles but when they suggested Jay Park, she said he is a little like … ”a low-life”

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