Despite always being praised for great visuals, these stars still feel unconfident about their appearances

Mai Nhung, 12-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - It seems that the praises from the audience can't fulfill these Korean stars' confidence.

Being the most popular stars on the small screen by the excellent roles and great visuals that everyone admires but these stars are "skeptical" about their beauty. Let's find out what they truly think about themselves!

1. Kim Tae Hee

Rain's wife is famous for flawless beauty , even often on Top Korean beauties and hold high positions in that rankings but Kim Tae Hee is always "self - deprecated" about her beauty . Accordingly, she said: "Compared to childhood, I think I am less sharp because of growing up, my face has a lot of wrinkles." And she even frankly said: "The secret to make my beauty is probably only thanks to makeup. "

2. Han Ga In

 Han Ga In with timeless beauty is also very modest about her appearance, although her beauty belongs to the top. Accordingly, when she was self-marking her beauty, Han Ga In didn't hesitate to give her 50/100,  just under the average.

She added: "Many people say that I'm pretty but I don't know, I just think my eyes are a little better."

3. Son Ye Jin

As one of the legendary beauties of Korean showbiz, Son Ye Jin is always shining despite being over 30. However, she is still very unconfident about her beauty, she confided that: "Except for my eyes,  I don't feel confident in my appearance"

4. Park Bo Young
The young actress always impresses the audience with super cute image from film to real life. Despite her small body, Park Bo Young's beauty is  no less than any other girls. When being asked about beauty, she replied, "I don't think I'm beautiful. I felt my face look less classy. My chin is so big, so my face looks bigger"

5. Lee Sung Kyung
Starting the career as a model, Lee Sung Kyung impresses audiences through some dramas, such as: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo; It's Okay, That's Love by charismatic, elegant beauty and natural acting. Despite having  beautiful eyes with sexy lips, she still insisted: "I have a lot of shortcomings such as round face, low nose, small eyes, large forehead. If I'm not wearing any makeup, I don't look better than before"

6. Park Hae Jin
The prince only appears in legend, Park Hae Jin also made fans confuse and surprised when he comments on his beauty that "My face looks different from two sides.My appearance looks the best when I'm on a drama but still can't consider myself as a handsome guy"

7. Lee Min Ho
Among so many actors, Lee Min Ho is the rare one who possesses the soft beauty that can't be ignored. Although he always appears on male list who own great visuals but he still said that he look less attractive in everyone's eyes. "I don't feel I look handsome:My face is so big"  Even praising other male actors," I think Kim Woo Bin and Park Hyung Sik are real handsome male stars. "

8. Park Seo Joon

As a new generation male actor who is now very popular among female audiences, Park Seo Joon is always welcomed everywhere. However, he said that his appearance is really "boring". " Anybody standing next to me can be more prominent than me," he said.



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