Dazzled with the beautiful moments of idols when they play instruments, V boasts ability of playing saxophone!

The Hien Luong, 27-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Let's take a look at the amazing and emotional moments of idols playing musical instruments.

Singing and dancing well, playing instruments excellently with lovely expressions, Korean idols are constantly trying to improve themselves to leave a good impression on fans. With guitars and pianos - the popular instruments, or more unique instruments like drums, harmonica, etc. K-pop idols still manage to show how good they are.

Let's check out the beautiful moments belonging to the members of BTS, WINNER, SUJU, Red Velvet, etc. with the variety of musical instruments. Which one is your favourite artist?

1. IU - Guitar

The 'Nation's Little Sister' is not only beautiful and talented, she's also a professional guitar player

2. Red Velvet Wendy - Flute

Without doubt, Wendy is such a talented girl. She can play flute - an instrument is hard to master as well

3. SNSD Seohyun - Piano

If she didn't become an idol, Seohyun would be likely to follow the path of becoming a professional pianist

4. Blackpink Rosé - Guitar

Rosé is much more gorgeous when playing her guitar

5. Super Junior Kyuhyun- Harmonica

Kyuhyun is one of the very few idols playing Harmonica, the instrument isn't very popular and quite difficult to master

6. Super Junior Heechul - Drum

With his long black hair, Heechul looks like a real drummer

7. WINNER Kang Seungyoon - Guitar

The leader of the WINNER is a true guitarist, after "Superstar K2", the image of a thin teenager singing "instinctively" with the guitar left a deep impression on the mind of many viewers.

However, recently, after being responsible for mainly composing for his group - WINNER, Kang Seung Yoon confessed that he almost doesn't play the guitar because he wants to bring more modern music to the group.

8. EXO Chanyeol - Guitar, drum

The EXO's tall boy is quite good at playing many instruments including guitar and drum. He looks like a pro. player when focusing on the instruments!

9. BTS - Suga

Fans are too familiar with the excellent piano skills of Suga. With the piano, the melancholy and the calm of Suga are completely able to steal the hearts of fans.

Bonus: BTS V - Saxophone

According to fans' information, BTS V also learned the Saxophone for three years. He looks like a real player performing at his own concert.

Source: TF/ Compilation


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