Constantly slipping off the ground, Jimin (BTS) proved to be the cutest baby that everyone needs to protect!

Mai Nhung, 25-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Many times, Jimin make fans have to burst out laughing by accidentally fall off the ground.

In contrast to professionalism in performances on stage, actually Jimin (BTS) is a really clumsy guy, behind the scenes he usually get into troubles because of his clumsiness. If RM is the "Breaking" King of BTS, Jimin certainly won the title of Mr. Clumsy by the number of times when he uncontrollably stumbled.

Jimin’s careless steps are the main cause of times when he spectacularly falls and always make other members worried.

Everyone can safely cross the steps at the door, only Jimin can't. Coolness suddenly disappeared.

Jimin suddenly stumbled without any impediment. Even RM  go behind also startled, he can't understand why his younger brother fell down.

Suddenly run back and make himself fall down.Perhaps, fans should set up a campaign to find ways to protect this guy .

This is the result of Jimin's efforts when he tried to play shuttlecock on stage. The most artistic falling ever.

Jimin ah, Don't you know you are very clumsy? Playing with a suitcase isn't an easy thing for him!!! Jimin should really stop fooling around in order not to hurt his own body.

Regardless of  Jin is extreme surprising, he had fallen and still hold a slipper in hand and no one knows why.

Jimin wanted to bow everyone but unfortunately he could not keep his balance. The other members in group are also too tired of the guy's carelessness

Jimin proved: Jumping rope is also too dangerous for him. But his perfect fall looks like it was calculated ahead.

Just sitting on a chair, but Park Jimin is also capable of making people burst into laughing just like how j-hope laughed at him!

With all these incidents, we agree that Jimin is still a baby that we can't do anything else but protect him at all costs! 



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