Constantly experiencing dangerous accidents on stage, Jin (BTS) makes fans pay their respect to him for his passion and professionalism

KawaiiB, 13-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) – The way Jin (BTS) handles this incident makes people admire him!


In BTS' recent comeback stage, while performing "Anpanman". Jin (BTS) encountered a stage problem when his outfit made him suffer from serious pain.

Jin’s necklace slipped down and stuck on his knees’ skin while he was performing. Although it is possible to pause the recording session to adjust and rearrange his clothes, it seemed that Jin (BTS) did not want to affect other members and tried to endure the pain until the performance was over.

The necklace was stuck on Jin's knee

After the performance ended, Jin (BTS) greeted fans with a bright smile as if nothing had happened. Then he quietly walked down the stage and asked JungKook (BTS) and staffs to take the necklace off and stop the bleeding.

During a performance of Blood Sweat Tears, Jin (BTS) also suffered electric shock from his earphone at its climax and when fireworks exploded.

During the climax, the fireworks exploded

Jin (BTS) was electrocuted by the earphone

Jin was in serious pain

But he tried to cover it up with his hand to continue to perform

You can see that his ears were very red

Jin still finished his 10 second pose and the end

And after it, he couldn’t hide his pain anymore and took the earphone off

When watching this performance, many fans did not know that Jin (BTS) was electrocuted. Fans really admire his passion and professionalism.

"When I saw this I really notice his passion, I admire his endeavor."

" I’ve experienced being electrocuted when I was young and it f*cking hurts. It was like they were cutting my bones apart. He bared through that?”

“I’m crying…ㅠㅠ he’s always bright and is the mood maker but he’s doing his role as the oldest pretty well… Jin-ah, thank you”

" His skills are different than when he just debuted and they are improving little by little. He acts just like the oldest hyung and you can see that he works hard”

(cre: Pann-choa)

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