Compilation of girl group leaders nicknamed by their Habits & Looks

Feng Feng, 13-04-2018
Though calling someone names can be an act of bullying, we call names of our best friends, family members. One of the reasons why we call others names is because we feel more intimate by doing so.

Fans also like to call their idols by their nicknames because they feel closer to them by doing so. Also, it proves that they have a great interest in them. Some names were based purely on the looks while other names are based on their habits or an incident. However it was made, we tend to nod our head in understanding when we hear their names. 

So, are you ready to see what are some nicknames of girl group leaders of K-Pop!?

#1 – SolJi of EXID

Real Name: Heo SolJi


Heorushin = Heo (Sir name) + Rushin (from a Korean word “U-rushin” which means the elders) 

She got “heorushin” as her nickname because she acts very mature, even old.

Heosulji = Heo (Sir name) + Sul (a word for “liquor” in Korean) + Ji (Sol “JI”)

She got this nickname because she was caught mentioning liquor a lot of times. 

#2 – TaeYeon of SNSD

Real Name: Kim TaeYeon


Tengzumma = Teng (cute shortened word for TaeYeon) + Zumma (from the word “Azumma” which means elderly women in their 40s~50s)

She got this name because of the way she speaks. She does not speak like the usual 20s but speaks like elderly women. 

Byuntaeyeon = Byuntae (A word in Korean indicating pervert) + Yeon (her last syllable)

She was called this way because she enjoys touching and harassing other members’.

#3 – Park ChoRong of Apink

Real Name: Park ChoRong


Rongtler = Rong (Her last syllable) + Tler (from Hitler)

She often shows her strong influence and control power over other members so fans combined the two names of ChorRong and Hitler.

Buggurong = Buggu (“Buggu” is a word in Korean for shy) + Rong (Her last syllable)

The word basically means shy ChoRong. The name was given because she is often caught being shy.

#4 – Irene of Red Velvet

Real Name: Bae JooHyun


Baechu = It’s a cute shortened way to pronounce “Bae JooHyun”. It also means Chinese cabbage in Korean.

Baephrodite = Bae (sir name) + Aphrodite (The goddess of beauty)

Well, should there really be an explanation for this word? 

#5 – JiHyo of TWICE

Real Name: Park JiHyo


Microphone – She got this nickname because her voice is so loud and can be heard from everywhere.

Hyomas = Hyo (Her last syllable) + Mas (from the train character “Thomas”)

She got this nickname because she looks similar to the train character called Thomas. 

#6 – SoJin of Girl’s Day

Real Name: Kim SoJin


SoJin Auntie – She is quite older for a girl idol so members started calling her auntie making fun of her age.

Umma / Mom – YuRa calls her mom (Umma in Korean).

#7 – SoWon of GFriend

Real Name: Kim SoJung


Soleader = So (her first syllable) + Leader (because she is the leader of the group)

Giraffe = Because of her long, long legs

(Source: Kpopmap)

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