Check out the trendy airport fashion of Jimin (BTS)!

Nguyễn Phương Hoa, 29-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - In BTS, Jimin is considered one of the most fashionable members in BTS.

Besides costumes are preparing on schedule, many people judge that airport fashion is the "measure" for idol's style. Today, Jimin will show the elegant and fashionable style every time on the tour - different from sexy style on stage.

1. Simple but modern with "one - color" jean and T- shirt

Combo jeans and shirts are the most common clothes of Jimin. This choice of outfits still makes the idol attractive.

When mix with pants...

Sometimes with jeans...

Or with clamdiggers, Jimin always knows how to make simple T-shirts become special on his own.

2. Mature with elegant pants

Jimin rarely wears a shirt, but when he wears, he always receives a lot of compliments from the A.R.M.Y 

Jimin also can "cheat" height when coordinated with elegant trousers

Sometimes, he mixes a shirt with clamdiggers, creating a courteous appearance but still stylish

3. Street style with denim.

 He looks like a playboy with a frisky denim.

Denim jacket is a miracle, it makes the wearer sassy but mature

Jimin also "conquered" the denim-on-denim style which is famous for "drowning".

4. Playful with bright flannel shirt

This kind of shirt is never out-of-date. It is the choice of many idols, and Jimin is no exception.  It makes him look mischievous as a teen boy.


He often wears this outfit in the early days of his debut

5. Youthful with a stripy T-shirt

The stripy T-shirt is considered as a difficult item to wear, but it is very simple because of his well-proportioned body.

In summer, Jimin looks dynamic with a stripy T-shirt.

In winter, he looks elegant with this kind of clothes.

6. Fashionable with accessories

Jimin is famous for his accessories collections. 

The "airport" accessories that Jimin favor the most is the sunglasses

Nothing is better than a combination of a sunglasses and scarf.

or a hat for a stylish appearance.


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