Charming princes of Kpop world who have baby faces but extra heights

Nguyễn Phương Hoa, 28-03-2018
Sometimes, fans have to wonder to themselves whether there are any relations between these boys' face and body.

Here are the charming princes that own so young face but strong and tall body with a height of over 180cm.

Besides the acting ability and delicate face, actor Yang Se Jong also impresses fans with the ideal height of 182cm..

Kang Daniel (Wanna One) has an admirable height of 180cm. He always knows how to choose outfit to show off his long legs and good body shape.

With a height of 185cm, Chanyeol is known as one of the members in EXO who have the best body proportion.

Yoo Seon Ho of reality show "Produce 101" is 180cm tall

P.O (Block B) probably will never need consoles because the guy is 181cm tall.

With a "student face", no one would think that Sungjae (BTOB) is 180 cm tall.

Not only attractive with the lovely face, Park Bo Gum also attracts many fans with a height of 182cm..

Minho (SHINee) is like a "giant" with a height of 184cm.

Seunghoon is 181 cm tall.

The boy with the impressive rap voice of Wanna One - Lai Guanlin is 1.83m in height.

Finally, the maknae of GOT7 - Yugyeom. 



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