Can't stop laughing with the bond between YG boys and watermelon

Thanhng, 29-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) – To become a piece of the YG boygroups, apart from talents, getting used to this special fruit is also necessary.

As one of the three big entertainment companies in Korea, YG always put on strict requirements to select their group members. And a very important element is the humorous ability of the boys with watermelon.


When CEO Yang visited Big Bang's dormitory, Taeyang quickly invited him to eat a cool watermelon. However, the watermelon was frozen and then he cut the watermelon into thin slices like smoked bacon.

Pieces of watermelon like smoked bacon of Teayang


Taking part in “Show Me The Money” show, Song Mino made his rapper friends to laugh out loud while eating a piece of watermelon at a rapid pace. Even Zico (Block B) compared him to a miserable beggar. In another reality show of WINNER, the group decided to play a game, which is spraying watermelon seeds on their face. However, the funniest thing of this game was that it was a seedless watermelon.  

Rapper Andup cannot help laughing at Mino

WINNER cannot choose who to cook the dinner because of the seedless watermelon


iKON also played a game to see who can eat watermelon faster. However, before beginning the game, B.I. argued that the game was not fair because his pieces were thicker and bigger than Bobby's. This reminded YG fans of Big Bang's watermelon pieces and WINNER's cantaloupe.


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