Can't hold laughing with Kpop idols' funny appearance on stages due to their damaged hair

SGshinbu, 16-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Even Kpop idols don't know why sometimes their hair can be like that.

When performing on stage, Kpop idols always try their best to have perfect moments on stages. However, sometimes, they still have to face with unexpected and funny moments, related to their appearances. These photos below will make fans and even idols wonder what make idols' hair stand on end like that. 

20100123 SSII in Beijing - DD fancam

Shindong made Super Junior members look at him because of his static hair

Shine bright like a sunflower!. Kang Daniel seemed to focus on his performance and didn't know what happen with his hair. 

Just because of that funny accident and now Kang Daniel's meme was created  

Moonbyul's weak hair was charged and went "rebellious"

SNSD members couldn't stop laughing while see Sunny's static hair

Dahyun was one of victims for this tangled hair

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Baekhyun's pink hair was compared as the coral under the sea. Because he changed his hair colors too much so that his hair is very dry. 

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