Campus festival MC apologizes for making the audience chant 'service' instead of 'encore' after TWICE's performance

PV, 15-05-2018
The MC who made the audience chant "service" instead of "encore" to TWICE officially apologized.

 On May 11, TWICE performed at a campus festival at Sungkyunkwan University. Following their last stage, the audience chanted "encore", however, announcer Lee Jung Pyo who was the MC of the event, told the audience, "Everyone, TWICE is not going to come back out (on stage) if you shout 'encore'. You have to say 'service' in this case."The MC was criticized for making "inappropriate" demands, as "service" is a term related to adult entertainment. 

In response to the issue, MC Lee Jung Pyo posted an official apology on Sungkyunkwan University student's official Facebook page. The MC stated, "I sincerely apologize for causing concerns to Sungkyunkwan University students, TWICE, and their fans." He continued, "I wanted to make the best memory for the students who waited for a long time to see TWICE", and, "I believed it would be nice for the guest singers to sing one more song for the students who were greatly excited to see them. Instead of using the word 'encore', I thought about 'fan service' so ended up encouraging with 'service'.However, "I didn't think it would be perceived differently from my intentions. It was my inexperience and insufficiency. I sincerely apologize to all."

 Source: Allkpop

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