Burst out laughing with the parody of Kpop idols (Twice, Winner, Big Bang, ...)

(KPOPLINE) - In addition to singing and participating in reality shows, many Korean idol groups also make short funny parodies for fans.

For a long time, parody films have become the indispensable spiritual food that Korean idol groups give to their fans. Unlike television or film productions, parodies mainly use the content of popular movies or shows and change them into a humorous or satirical manner.

Are you ready for the never-ending laughters of these parodies?

1. Big Bang - "Secret Garden / Secret Garden"

"Secret Garden" isn't the first parody that Big Bang did a remake. At that time, there were thousands of other famous dramas such as "Boys Over Flowers", "Beethoven Virus" and "Coffee Prince", but the drama that left the greatest impression is probably "Secret Garden" of Big Bang.

Secret Garden's parody talks about the love story of "G Raim" (by G Dragon) and "Kim Joo Top" ( by TOP), which is always opposed by her mother-in-law - "lady" Daesung. With the same story as in the original drama, mixed with funny details, this remake parody has made so many fans burst into laughing.

Seungri looks so funny in this hairstyle

The kiss scene even makes G-Dragon embarrassed

"Smell" Lady with her famous flower vase

2. 2PM - "You're Beautiful / Cinderella Sister" and "Cinderella Sister"

The success of "You're Beautiful" in 2009 has made a huge impact on 2PM that they released a parody version for the drama. 5 members played the members of popular music group A.N.Jells. Nichkhun became the leader of the group Hwang Tae Kyung, while Wooyoung played the role of Go Mi Nam.

Hwang Tae Kyung (Nichkhun) is handsome and lovely

 Mi Nam (Wooyoung) is funny

The group "A.N JELL"

There's also another parody that 2PM made called "Cinderella Sister". These 'masterpieces' really impressed fans a lot.

Who is the cinderella?

He is so beautiful!

3. SHINee - "Beethoven Virus"

Since their debut, SHINee has always been known for their talents, such as singing, dancing, writing, and the seventh art form that is "special" acting, which they proved in the "Beethoven Virus" parody. 

4. Winner - "The Heirs"

WINNER also made a parody of famous drama - The Heirs (Heir). It's hard to pick out the best actor in this super parody. Kang Seung Yoon as the perfect man, Song Mino is a cool but lovely guy, and both Taehyun and Jinwoo pretended to be a pretty girl, and finally Seung Hoon devoted himself in 7 other roles.

"The Heirs" version of WInner

Eun Sang was forced to kiss Kim Tan

School violence

5. VIXX - "W / Two Worlds"

Another parody is the "W / Two Worlds" of VIXX. The audience split their side with laughters for the cartoon hero "Nchul" (played by N) and the beautiful heroine "Lee Hong Ju "(played by Hongbin)

NChul with a funny black mushroom hat

And this is how he looks in real life...

6. INFINITE - "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band"

Another popular movie is "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band," a film that was a hit on the school musical theme. INFINITE band didn't miss the opportunity to make this parody with their own style. They has created laughs, especially through the main character played by L.

"L" showed off how he's cool and handsome in parody "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band"

7. TEEN TOP - " She Was Pretty "

"She was Pretty" is the most popular drama of 2015, not only for its emotional element but also for the funny side. TEEN TOP's Parody version is even more humorous. 


Employees at "The Most" Magazine

Original romantic scene, but here it looks... just weird...

8. Super Junior - " Coffee Prince

Super Junior is a big representative for this parody remake trend among Kpop idols.

Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk 

The kiss scene 

9B1A4 - " Boys Over Flower"

 "Boy Over Flower" has been remaked by several Kpop groups, but you don't want to miss the version of B1A4. Sandeul with the legendary members of the A4 club will give you a great time with so many funny moments.

"Jandi" Sandeul and the A4 members!

He looks so good in a dress!

10. TWICE - "Descendants Of The Sun"

Don't you ever think that only male idols can ignore their image to make this kind of parodies. In fact, there are female idols to do that too. TWICE members have made a parody of 2016 greatest drama 'Descendants of the Sun'.

Have you seen enough sweetness yet?





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