BTS totally set a new record for physical sales with "Love yourself: Her"

Nguyễn Ngọc Anh, 14-03-2018
BTS is breaking their own and Korea's sales record with album "Love yourself: Her". They are the first new gen idol to to after Seo Taiji and G.O.D.

"Love yourself: Her" was released on September 18, and since its release date, BTS's mini album has reach 1.640.000 copies which means it has set a new record as the highest selling album in Gaon history. 

TOP 10 physical sales in the history of boy groups from March 1992 to February 2018:

1. Seo Taiji and boys - 2.2M, 2nd album
2. Seo Taiji and boys - 2M, 4th album
3. DJ DOC - 1.95M, 3rd album
4. god - 1.85M, 3rd album
5. god - 1.73M, 4th album
6. Seo Taiji and boys - 1.7M, 1st album
7. BTS 1.164M, 5th mini album (entered 2018.02)
8. Seo Taiji and boys - 1.16M, 3rd album
9. HOT - 1.52M, 2nd album
10. Tablo - 1.4M, 3rd album

BTS's fanclub, ARMY was ready for a new challenge: try to rise sales of “Love Yourself: Her” to set the group’s Gaon Chart record even higher!, up to 2.000.000 copies.

Let's check out what Kpop fan think about this:

- " The singers here are all from the time where digital didn't exist yet and only physical existed. It's not exaggerated to say they're rewriting history"

- " It's funny whenever I see single album sales. If we're talking about album sales, it should've always been a single album in the first place. It's so weird whenever I see "international version" or "repackage version" and include those in records"

- " Was it at Target? BTS sold 80K albums there. If their sales included Amazon, it would be even more impressive "

- " Seo Taiji is Seo Taiji for a reason"

- " BTS is really valuable in the physical market... " 

- " Freaking crazy"

- " Who else is looking forward their next physical album"




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