BTS revealed their 'drinking' party and drunk habit for the first time, surprisingly SUGA confessed his love for this special one!

tphuong, 14-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Perhaps ARMY also can't imagine the humorous images of BTS when they get drunk.

On June 11th, to greet the group's debut anniversary, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment spent for the fans a 55-minute long video featuring a "private" conversation among the members. Especially in this meal, Bangtan boys also drink alcohol together, enjoy a variety of beverages and letting ARMYs know for the first time what the boys will do when they are drunk. While the other members say more, laugh more, showing more skinship .... "genius" Suga makes the fans "yelling" when he boldly "confessed" to his brother Jimin.

During the dinner party, BTS members were seen drinking beer, soju and even coke!

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As they began to talk and chat, Jin caught the attention of many as he showed the way he drinks soju.

His action caused laughter from the members! Fans who were watching the video also talked about how hilarious it was. 

Apart from Jin, no one could forget about J-Hope as fans found out that he was actually drinking beer with a straw!

J-hope even drinks beer by ... straw!

Some even commented that he should not drink with a straw as he could get drunk much more easily! Halfway through the video, many could tell that J-Hope’s face has turned red!

In addition, V showed the way of opening a bottle of soju. He impressed the rest of the members with his unique and interesting way of opening it.

His fans know that he is not good in drinking alcohol and was surprised by his amazing way of opening the soju bottle. Some even said that they are going to try his method next time!

 Drinking is not the main part, acting is more important!

Suga confessed his love for Jimin

Best oppotunity for ARMY to see another part of BTS

What do you think of their drinking methods?


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