BTS now has become the mutual "crush" for so many Hollywood stars

The Hien Luong, 17-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Becoming more and more famous as international artists, BTS’s boys are becoming popular with Hollywood stars.

BTS state firmly their reputation in the international music market day by day, especially the US market. The more they’re popular, the more attention that Hollywood's stars pay to them. Many well-known artists are willing to express their support to the Bulletproof guys.

1. Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth, a famous singer, the owner of popular songs like “We don’t talk anymore” and “If you leave me now”, didn’t hesitate to show his interest to BTS on his Twitter.

Charlie Puth showed his feeling to BTS’s music

He even followed the idol group afterwards

Jung Kook (BTS) also expressed his love to Charlie Puth by covering the singer’s hit “We don’t talk anymore”. Then the singer once mentioned JungKook on his Instagram live.


2. Maxx Danziger

Maxx Danziger, a talented American drummer showed his great feelings on BTS’s music on his Twitter account.

Maxx Danziger is highly rated, he ranks 8249 in the world and 44 in the outstanding drummers.

3. Kylie Rogers

Kylie Rogers, a 13-year-old television actress, is a big fan of BTS. She even counted down when BTS were about to perform on stage in the US. She also shared the boy group’s MV on her Twitter account.

Kylie Rogers shared the BTS’s famous MV

4. Before You Exit

Before You Exit is one of the longest-running boybands in the US. After JungKook mentioned the boy band’s music in his playlist, the band expressed their thanks to him as well as their love to BTS’s music.

Not only that, the two groups keep their relationships close and then they met each other at the BTS’s concert.


5. Max Schneider

The talented actor, singer and producer sent his thanks to the male idol group as well as following them after BTS mentioned his name on their Twitter account.  

Max Schneider shows his love to JungKook as well

6. Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok is an American synthpop duo who joined the BTS’s concert in the US. The duo posted a photo of them and BTS along with a sweet message to the idol group.


7. Coolio

Coolio commented on a Billboard’s post regarding the male idol group in March 2017 to wish them luck. The American rapper met BTS in their reality show named “Mnet’s American Hustle Life” in 2014.


8. Kehlani

The famous American singer wants to collaborate with BTS. She officially posted on her Twitter account to request a collaboration and made ARMYs crazy.


Source: Compilation/Haha


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