BTS is already too famous to “destroy” perfect group poses, until Wanna One and EXO appear and show their 'creativity'...

KawaiiB, 12-06-2018
Sometimes it is extremely difficult for idols to “unify” the same pose.

Seul Gi and Joy (Red Velvet)

At a sports event, fans cracked up at Joy, who was unable to shape a heart with Seul Gi. All because her sister was doing her own style. Finally, Joy had to “whisper” Seul Gi and told her to make a heart for fans. Many people find it hard to distinguish who is the older/younger sister here in this case

Seul Gi (bangs) could not keep up with Joy.

Chan Yeol and Suho (EXO)

Not only the possessing opposite height, these two also has pretty opposite “channel". Their “troubled” movements definitely will give fans a blast.

They looked so miserable.

Seung Yoon and Song Mino (WINNER)

Honest Seung Yoon was “trolled” by Mino in an interview.

Mino (green hair) teased Seung Yoon.

Kang Daniel - Park Woo Jin - Kim Jae Hwan (Wanna One)

Considering the level of interest in small groups, the three boys of Wanna One deserve 0 points. 

The trio dazed face cracked Zico up.


V will definitely soon be “boycotted” by BTS if he keeps destroying the group poses. When everyone was struggling to find a place, he innocently took the center position.

V wants to be the only one who will shine

Irene (Red Velvet)

While the whole world is following the trend of shaping a small heart with their fingers, Irene is still loyal to the classic style. She explained that because she did not want to create a small heart, she wanted to send big love to everyone. It is a really good reason but also hard to forgive when Irene always break the team’s pose this way.

Irene (middle) is always different.

She kept her own opinion despite posing with the Korean President.


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