Blast from the past: fashion trends from older K-dramas that’ll make you do a double take

Hoang Anh Phuong, 28-02-2018
From fur coats to deep AF V-necklines, the trending styles of the early 2000s was something else. Take a stroll through memory lane as we relive the fashion of older K-dramas!

Capri pants

While the hanboks (Korean traditional clothing) and more formal dresses she wears are super cute even today, Yoon Eun Hye’s more casual outfits in “Goong” were a throw back to my own middle school days. Specifically, these capri pants:


Not going to lie, I owned about five different pairs in varying colors.

Flared jeans

“My Name Is Kim Sam Soon”

Work those jeans girl!

Layered clothing

Layer upon layer upon layer was the way to go! Bonus points for bright, bold colors, and mismatching.


Lee Da Hae’s character in “My Girl” showed this style off perfectly!

Me in 2009 when I found the perfect combination of layers.

Gu Jun Pyo from “Boys Over Flowers“

Can you hear the “Almost paradise~” from this picture.

This man needs his own little sub-section. Lee Min Ho’s outfits and hairstyle in “Boys Over Flowers” were legendary.

Adorable hair clips

Prevalent among high school students, these cutesy hair pins came in all shapes and sizes.

“Playful Kiss”

“Master of Study”

“Dream High”

The three rubber bands hairstyle

This look reminded me of Jasmine’s hairstyle from “Aladdin” with a little less poof.


“Playful Kiss”

The Anime Guy hairstyle

Long in the back with messy or side swept bangs in the front, this was the “It” hairstyle of many high school guys in K-dramas during the early 2000s.

“Boys Over Flowers”


“Playful Kiss”

Deeeep V-neck shirts

“You’re Beautiful”

“Prosecutor Princess”

“Full House”

The early 2000s were an interesting time.


“You’re Beautiful”

There are only a chosen few who can pull this off…

Track suits

“Secret Garden”

While there are still less-sparkly variations of this in current K-dramas, Hyun Bin’s was the tracksuit that launched a thousand memes.

Source: Soompi


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