Black Pink prove to be the best models for high-end fashion brands, here's the reason!

Mai Nhung, 21-04-2018
For Black Pink, any outfits will be beautiful.

Since debut, Black Pink has been following to a strong style but no less feminine. Their stylist has chosen a lot of creative outfits to YG’s  4 golden girls to be more outstanding and unique.

The beautiful and modern outfit is very important, because when wearing expensive clothes and prominent design, you will feel more confident. However, this statement is completely invalid when it's applied to Black Pink. If we pay close attention, most of the clothes presented by Black Pink are quite special, it’s hard to suitable for usual person’s look and personality. Typically, colorful patterns, polka dots, colorful costume such as chalky colors, green are not popular, because that styles are difficult to coordinate and are unfashionable. However, when this multi-talented girlgroup wear it, BlackPink's temperament makes it more beautiful.

Rosé' feminine image quite matches with pink costume. Overall looking, Lisa is a bit different when choosing pink socks combined with dynamic clothes. 

The pattern in Rosé and Lisa‘s costume is quite eye-catching. If you look at only each set, the majority of young people will think it is very difficult to wear and give yourself a few years older. But when the two girls wear that, this outfit has become more luxurious and more beautiful, as if it was designed to be just for them.

Polka dots on pink background is consired old-fashioned for most trendy style nowadays. But after Lisa wears this outfit, fans don't really care about its defect , because the wearer is Lisa, any outfils will be pretty.

A vintage dress worth 2.290$ from Gucci, a famous fashion brand adding luxurious charisma on Rosé' image.

Jisoo's purple dress seemed to be not suitable with a blue shirt but it completely matched her prominent purple hair.

Horizontal stripes shirt are always advised to ignore if you want to conceal your body 's defect and instead of vertical stripes, it will make your body look slimmer and taller. But Rosé doesn't need that because she is already perfect.

The costume costing about 2.135$  combined with Jennie's perfect body and her temperament made this clothes become more beautiful.

There are a lot of outfits that have became more prominent when they were chosen by Blackpink. Thanks to the girls, those fashion brands quickly went out of stock of such products.



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