Besides OngNiel, this couple’s bromance also gained Dispatch’s attention

Mai Nhung, 15-03-2018
One nice day, fans of "Produce 101" season 2 and Wanna One suddenly startled when Dispatch also set their eyes on the new couple Hwang Minhyun and Kim Jaehwan.

If anyone loves Wanna One and used to follow Produce 101  Season 2 from the beginning to the end, surely, fans can't forget the close and intimate relationship of the contestants even after this show ended for a long time.

Since the show began, there have been many couples making fans excited by their touching brotherhood. And among many cute relationships of "Produce 101" season 2, there was a couple that made fans burst out laughing when they suddenly appeared on Dispatch. They are Hwang Minhyun (Pledis Entertainment, also a member of NU'EST) and Kim Jaehwan (Originally as freelance trainee and now joined CJ Ent)

Fans can't forget the sweetest words of Dispatch when describing the relationship of these two boys. From the first round to the final, fate created many opportunities for these two guys ... they are always arranged in a team together.

Both Hwang Min Hyun and Kim Jae Hwan are perfectly connected

Hwang Minhyun and other trainees in company came to "Produce 101" and assumed the responsibility of a big brother. In additions, Minhyun also occasionally showed his clumsiness, but in the end he was always a sensitive boy.

Kim Jaehwan is a freelance trainee, but he has quickly proven his abilities. When the show started airing, his vocals was rated as a perfect talent, however his dancing skills were still lacking. What about now? He has been able to dance confidently.

Hwang Minhyun and Kim Jaehwan are the only couple that have teamed up from the beginning to the end in this show, and they also show their perfect match in each round. In the first round, Hwang Minhyun immediately called out Kim Jaehwan as the first member he wanted to choose in his team.

Minhyun has never hesitated to choose Jaehwan as the trainee that he wants to debut together. Minhyun understands Jaehwan's prominent talent more than anyone else. So for him, Jaehwan's debut was almost obvious.

Then, in the third round, Kim Jaehwan also was the first choice that Hwang Minhyun mentioned when his team voted the member . As fans' expectation:  "Kim Jaehwan is the fixed choice of Hwang Minhyun."

Their relationship as a CEO of a entertainment company with a singer is attracting the attention of fans!

The couple Min-Hwan is "shipped" more enthusiastically after participating in the gameshow

Despite not being under the same management company and different ages, but their cute moments continues to spread throughout the program.

In the end, these two talented guys debuted together in Wanna One and their "bromance" was still a sweet love story.

Does anyone remember the first season of Wanna One Go?

We are sweet anough or not?

No matter how intimate it is, we are ok!

Jaehwan is jealous when Hwang "hyung" is close to Jinyoung

You won't find any other people to look at Jaehwan delicatedly like this.

  Do you like this super cute couple?



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