Besides handsome appearance, "national center" Kang Daniel also has a fashionable style

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 10-03-2018
Only using unique items and knowing how to mix clothes, Kang Daniel never disappoints fans.

Wanna One is considered one of the hottest boygroups and a piece of them - Kang Daniel is also an influential character. Besides attractive appearance and charms on variety shows, "national center" also owns interesting and unique fashion style. Using only unique items but knowing how to mix well, his styles are always appreciated.

It is possible to say, Kang Daniel is an accessory collector, he often uses them as a focus for his set of clothes. Sometimes, this is a ring or cross earrings...

...sometimes this is minimalism style.

This is a selective black suit, but Kang Daniel can mix it perfectly. His secret is to mix black shirt and same color accessories.

Rainbow scarf becomes a great focus for All Black set of "national center." His fashion sense is so admirable.

It's known that one of standards to choose jackets of Kang Daniel is its unique design. For example, with this jacket, the most interesting point is its collar.

Kang Daniel is still outstanding because he knows how to balance brown in set of clothes. In addition, he is very delicate to choose gentle silver accessories, instead of garish yellow.

Denim jacket is also a favorite item of "national center" but he always chooses oversize and long form one.

Nobody can make this mask prominent but Kang Daniel.

Kang Daniel also knows how to choose colors. Pink shirt inside is quite suitable for pink patterns on his coat.

Here is another interesting set of clothes combined interesting denim jacket and rings. Who says Kang Daniel doesn't know how to dress?

(Source: Trithuctre)

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