Believe it or not, these are surely the most 'extra' 18+ presents idols have received from their fans!

Nhi Bui, 20-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Clothes, shoes, cosmetics, ... there are so many other things but they chose to give them such... strange gifts!

Along with the meaning gifts, lovely from the fans, Kpop Idols also received many 18+ gifts, which make both fans and idols laugh out loud.

And here are the Kpop idols who receive such 'embarassing' gifts!

1. Jo Kwon (2AM)

2AM's leader also made netizens stirring when showing the 19+ unique mousepad he received in Japan on KBS2TV's "Star Life Theater".

After that, in the episode "One Night of TV Entertainment" broadcasting in April 2012, Jo Kwon was questioned by other members about the gift. He simply explained that he received this gift in Japan, even a shop hung his photo to sell goods, making people burst out laughing.

2. Ilhoon (BtoB)

In 2014, IIhoon also made the audience surprised with the gift he received - a 19+ video. The BTOB member replied, "Ilhoon is the one who gets it, but Changsub likes it better."

The story becomes more humorous when they shared that they don't even know where the video comes from

3. Hongki (F.T.Island)

Lee Hongki has shared some crazy but interesting stories related to the presents fans gave him on JTBC's "Witch Hunt". The special gift was a condom donated by a fan at the autograph session. His fans also did not forget to remind him that "He can freely use it with anyone!"

4. Jin (BTS)

By the end of 2014, BTS fans spreaded a photo from a cooking tutorial that Jin posted on the group's blog. Fans quickly realized that it was a condom right in the group's dormitory.

After that, Big Hit had to say: "The object in the picture is actually a condom, which is the gift that BTS received from the fans." And since this was a small incident, the company did not make official statement about it.

After the photos were spreaded, fans said that it could be overseas fans' gift because they don't have any condom brands with the same name in Korea.

5. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

On "Radio Star"  program, Super Junior's Kyuhyun has made people surprise when telling a joke about a special gift from the fans.

Accordingly, he said, "In Japan, I was given an "adult product" from a fan.I never used it before, but the most memorable thing for me was when Is the letter accompanying this gift. In the letter, the fan wrote that I could ask Eunhyuk about how to use this product. " The story made the MCs and guests burst out loud.

6. Minhyuk (BtoB) 

Not only IIhoon but also BTOB's Minhyuk is also given unique gifts by fans. Before that, he also gained attention when he had his red pant torn apart on TV show. Thanks to this incident, he even has more fans!

Minhyuk's incident on the stage

Not only that many fans also have the surprise gift for him which is an erotic CD and a condom and the words "Hope you're happy!", which was shared on the radio "Radio Star" episode November 11, 2015.



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