Being idols is a difficult journey, but sometimes idols still can't hold their tears for the pain of losing their beloved ones

Hoàng Thị Linh, 16-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Behind the stage, these idols suffer the sorrows when a member of their family passed away.

Standing at the top of glory and great reputation and being loved by millions of fans on the stage, idols' lives are not fulfilled with happiness, there are masses of obstacles and sorrow they have to face.

As an idol, they frequently immerse themselves in practicing, performing to bring fun to fans, therefore, they hardly have any time for their family. Family reunion is something quite sacred to them. Now, it is more painful than ever when now they feel tired, they have lost a shoulder to cry or lean on forever.

1. Super Junior Lee Teuk

The leader of Super Junior - Lee Teuk is probably the most miserable son when he lost his three family members at the same time while he was in army. His father Park Yong In commited suicide after killing his mother and grandparents. Before his father's death, he left a note to tell him that he would take them to the paradise to get a happy life.

Even though his career has been incredibly successful but he has an unfortunate family. His parents divorced in 1998, then his father went back to live with his parents who have got Alzheimers for years, his grandmom was diagnosed cancer and she has just stayed on bed. As the police reported, his father got pressure due to the difficulties and frustration about his parents' diseases.

2. SNSD Yoona + Tiffany

On a TV show, these two pretty girls could not hold their tear back to talk about their mothers: "My mom had passed away for 2 years before I came back to Korea. I was too young to realize this grief. I nearly lost my direction and did not know where to start".

The taboo word among SNSD members is "mom". Maybe people all know Tiffany loses her mother when she was a little, but actually there is one more member that has never mentioned her mother. SNSD used to perform the song "Dear mom" and they showed their pictures with their mom beside, only Tiffany and Yoona did not.

In Nam HeonSuk's special TV show, the episode of Yoona, she had a visit to her family, fans saw her siblings and relatives but they did not see her mom.

3. Sunye

Former leader of Wonder Girls Sun Ye has grown up without her parents' love. She has lived with her grandparents since her mom passed away, her father was contacting disease and could not take care of her. For her, grandparents are her parents. In 2007, her grandpa departed this life, she was so heart-broken as she could not see him the last time. 

3 years after, her father also left this life after 20 years struggling with incurable disease. Now, she has a happy and peaceful life with her husband James Park and their kids.

 4. NUE'ST Kang Dong Ho

Scandals rushed to him and as soon as the rumor of sexual harassment was just down, Kang Dong Ho had to face another pain.

On 3rd July 2017, his father departed this life all of a sudden due to a car crash. Pledis entertainment confirmed this incident. A representative said " He passed away in a car crash. Now we really don't know what to say".

5. GOT7 Mark

On the third day of concert " Eyes on you in Seoul", Got7 members shed tears in a voice choked with emotion to announce that his respectable grandmom departed this life eternally. 

Mark is a foreinger member who has to live far from his family to persue his career so the minutes he can stay by his family is quite rare. The atmosphere was down in the dump before Mark's confidence but not everyone could feel fully his pain when he did not see his grandmom for the last time.

6. EXO Kai

 Lately, the media has informed Kai's father death due to contacting a chronic disease. He passed away on May 7th.

Fans have been so worried about Kai because the incident has happened while he has been busy with drama projects and music production. Moreover, his father is always the one who encourages him much and helps him go through difficulties. Hope that EXO-L are always by his side to conform his pain.

7. BTS V

V also burst into tear at BTS fanmeeting when he heard that his grandmom passed away. At that time, BTS was running their schedule in Philippines so there was no chance for V to meet his grandmom. More than that, his parents was so busy that his grandmom was the one who had taken cared of him for 14 years. His love for grandmom was much more than his parents.

As soon as getting that news, Taehyung burst into tear without hesitation before ARMY. People around him kept staying in silence, BTS-ers and fans comforted him to over come this hurt.

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