Being criticized so much about acting skills, these young actors state their own feelings towards the comments!

SGshinbu, 03-06-2018
There are Korean stars making viewers surprised because of their responding to thousands of criticisms for their acting.

When actors are not good at acting, the audience criticism is usual . A lot of people feel curious with stars’ thought when they are often denigrated and received the negative comments. These 6 Korean stars’ response will make many people surprised and even rethink about their criticisms.

1. Hyeri

Hyeri's most recent film, Two Cops, make her receive a lot of criticisms from  audience for lacking of experience. Many people say that she should return to play a supporting role, instead of continuing to role as main actress thanks to aura of  Rely1988 . Because of this criticism, Girl's Day members even wrote letters apologizing to fans on the main fan cafe. 

In letter, Hyeri thanked fans for cheering and staying with her as well as feeling her pain. "I believe that you have had fun, but also feelings of disappointment and sadness, because you tried to hide the sadness in order to support me, that make me feel worse, " she wrote. She also promised to make more efforts and criticize herself in stead of only apologize.

2. Kang Min Hyuk

Pairing with Ha Ji Won in Hospital Ship, Kang Min Hyuk was criticized for acting too unnatural. The actor also responded in a interview: "It's hard to judge my own acting. I worked hard, but if the audience was disappointed, obviously, I still have many shortcomings. I will absorb critical comments to improve my emotional expression. " he said, "I'm not an angry person, this character is useful for my life, helping me keep calm even when I'm angry. But it's a disadvantageous point for my acting. "

3. Lee Yeon Hee

Not only the audience but also an advertising director also criticized Lee Yeon Hee for her acting. When filming a CF for a beverage brand, she was criticized by the director for her acting so she has... "lowered the value of product." This comment has caused many controversies.

Lee Yeon Hee is also aware of these comments from public. She shared that she used to cry alone because she felt hurt and attacked. However,  the confession about her acting in an recent interview make her criticized
more and more: "I have always been criticized for 16 years, I thought I didn't have talent for filming". A netizen said: "If everyone said that she had badly acted for 16 years, why doesn't she withdrew?" If she had badly acted for 16 years, she would have become a master for bad acting haha. "

4. Lee Je Hoon

Lee Je Hoon's acting in Signal was judged to be suited to theater stage than screen, so it became different from his co-stars. Besides, his pronunciation also received many comments from audience.

Lee Jeon Ho's representative replied, "Because of the particular feature of the investigative film, Lee Jeon has to uses the terminology less popular in usual life and also has more speeches than the other characters. This makes  audience feel his acting is a little awkward. The personality, tone and style of Park Hae Young's character (Lee Je Hoon) is decided base on the discussion between actors, directors and staff members . Both of director and producer are satisfied with this character"

5. Suzy

Suzy repeatedly criticized for her acting, but seems to beautiful actress in "While you were sleeping" doesn't think so. In an  interview with Instyle on January 2018, when asked about the "nature of acting" she mentioned before, Suzy said:

"I don't like everything too clear . When I started filming, I wanted to show that nature in my acting but I received the complaining that my acting was common and too blade. It is hard to express the kind of acting that everyone expect. When I am sad or happy, I react the same way, but as an actor, I have to clearly express my feelings. " .

Perhaps Suzy should understand that  expressions in real  life will be different from the needed expressions on screen and as distinct from expressions on theater stage

6. Kim Tae Hee

As well as an unnatural acting actress of Korea, Kim Tae Hee once said about her acting skill in 2013 : "I think the controversy about acting will follow me for the rest of my life. I do not know whether in the future, I can excellently express or not, but even if I meet a project that i can express well that type of acting, I think there will always be someone continuing to criticize me .Everybody has a different perspective and acting judgments are subjective and objective , so I don't think 100% of audience will praise me. "

Kim Tae Hee revealed that in the past, she was hurt by criticism of her acting: "I thought this was unfair, I wondered," Why is my acting so bad? "," What exactly is the problem? "And" Why are people criticizing me? "Now I feel better and better, when I have learned more about acting".

Main beautiful actress in Yongpal concluded: "When you get something, you lose another one, I think if someone compliments me, then of course there will be people who don't like me, if that is the simple criticism, I will absorb and review myself. However, some words are quite offensive to me, and then I realize that it is very precious when there is someone always on my side and understand my sincerity ".


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