Being an idol is never easy

Thanhng, 20-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) – Do you think that they are happy to be idols?

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an idol, or jealous of them because of their fans’ love and support on special occasions. In fact, being an idol is not easy. What we see with our eyes is only the tip of an iceberg. When you decide to step on the road of being an idol, you have to forget your privacy and live a life that does not belong to you.

Being debuted is not an achievement; it is just the beginning of a long and lonely journey

If you ask all of Kpop trainees about their biggest dream”, surely the answer will be "being debuted as soon as possible". One thing people who want to become idols never realize is that just because you get into an entertainment company does not mean you will debut. If they own great visuals but doesn't show enough talents, they have to practice harder; and if they are talented but not beautiful enough, they have to make changes on their looks. Due to their decision to enter the entertainment industry, their fate has been tied with a paper named "Contract".

Some people got a chance to debut after a short amount of time while others have to spend their whole youth to work and practice as trainees. Training rooms become their home, they stay there practicing all days and nights to get a chance to debut.

Many idol groups debut every year in Korean entertainment industry and many of them have become famous. A lot of idol groups has disbanded because they could not win the hearts of Kpop fans, or lost them too quickly.

Faking a smile to hide all the pains

Idols are not so strong as we think. They are just humans, and each of them has their own weaknesses. Not only being suffered from busy schedules, idols also have to learn how to handle with negative comments from anti fans and sometimes even non-fans.

Being an idol, your duty is to appear in front of public with the happy and optimistic image no matter whatever happens. For example, (BTS) V’s grandmother had passed away while he was in Philippines. He could not meet his grandma for the last time. That's why when BTS held a concert, V has come out and shared his story to thousands of fans, and told them that he loved his grandmother so much, as he once promised her back when she's still alive. Tears have fallen down, but there were still lots of people saying that he's trying to act soft and pulling his fans' hearts. Imagine if that were your case, could you handle it well and not feel bad about yourself?

Lee Teuk – leader of Super Junior – is always strong and thoughtful as people call him “Angel without wings”. However, not many people know that this man suffered from many scars to protect his fans, members, and family.

Sometimes, singers try to transfer their pain into their music. RM (BTS) once said: "Those bad comments like 'I hate him' were written down in merely 5 seconds, but I would think about them in 5 hours, even in 5 days. I know this sounds not right, but I care about every comment that netizen write about me." That means idols know it all, they just don't say it out.

RM once shared his thoughts in 'Always': I live to understand the world but the world will never understand me

Fans and idol have a close relationship. If one day, fans turn their back on idols, can these artists bravely stand up again?  So many scandals come out like dating rumors, crimes, leading to fans’ disappointment. Besides, they start cursing at their biases. How is that supposed to be called "only fans"? That is just selfishness.

Lee Sung Min (Super Junior) has been opposed to come back with Super Junior on their new album

After the death of JongHyun, many anti fans left their comments on Tae yeon's instagram: "JongHyun passed away, What about you?"

Fan: You look tired and busy these days, don't you? Change a day with me, I'll be Bangtan for you.

Suga: You won't be able to stand it even in a day.

In the end, who will stand the pain?

The death of JongHyun (SHINee) had disillusioned those who want to become idols and revealed the ugly truth of Korean entertainment industry.  

Jong Hyun just need to hear these words: "You did a great job"

Lee Teuk said he thought of killing himself back then, but when he thought of his father's debt and also his family, he managed to live on.

Suzy: "I have something like depression and I couldn't tell anyone for a while. I even began to think I couldn't last another day."

Many artists suffered from depression so that they have to see doctors for psychological treatment, use sleeping pills, or even think of suicidals because of negative feedbacks and their self-deprecation.


It never gets easy with the journey of being an idol. Celebrities force themselves to become perfect social figure in all aspects. So as a fan, if you cannot protect your idols, please do not hurt them.

"It's okay if you date, it's okay if you leave the group, it's okay if you are with the one we hate. Just live in peace, that's all we want for you."

Writer: Hanh Nguyen/ Trans: Thanh Nguyen @KPOPLINE


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