Baekhyun greets the Twitter world and this is why he is a real cutie in the new platform

Hoàng Anh Phương, 04-06-2018
Baekhyun says ‘Hi!’ from the Twitter world.

EXOLs were taken by pleasant surprise when Baekhyun uploaded a picture of a screenshot that he took of his Twitter account. Yes, Baekhyun joined Twitter! 

Baekhyun was clearly fresh and new with the new platform through his tweets that could easily see his unsureness of how things work in the Twitter world.

 (In chronologic order)


“Do I just.. need to write it like this”


“I think I roughly got it(understand it)”

“My ID came out strangely at first. It was like Baekhyu23843418, is it still like that now?” 

“I changed it though..”

“Excuse me... Is there a function to see things like the comment on this?” 

“Aigoo I just needed to press it!!!” 

“Nice to see everyone!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah so tiring it’s so difficult..” 

“Nice to see you guys nice to see you!! I will come after I washed up! I am doing this and not washing up... Ha.. But shall I turn off the alarm? My phone is on fire!”

“See you guys later!!”

“Hi! I am back”

“Shall we try to sleep early for tomorrow! Good night!^^ A success in making Twitter today!”

He ended his series of tweets with a sweet video of himself greetings his fans good night with the caption “Sleep well.”

Welcome to the Twitter world, Baekhyun! 

Source: KStarLive

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