Any entertainment companies also want to learn these secret methods of recruiting talents from SM Ent.

LinhLuong, 26-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Everyone will be impressed with the way SM' staffs select future stars for their company!

SM Entertainment is one of the "big bosses" of the Korean entertainment industry along with JYP Entertainment. - YG Ent. and is the company owns most of the top idol artists in Korea. When it comes to SM, the public immediately thinks of the idols that have the talent and are trendsetters, such as H.O.T, DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, EXO, Red Velvet ....Many idols before they became SM artists were casted at a very young age.

Do you know where SM staffs met and cast Siwon (Super Junior)? Not the audition or a model club, but it is when he is waiting for his friend in front of the school gate!

"Smiley eye Tiffany" was discovered for her capability to become star when standing in the toilet of a festival! SM Entertainment staff may have been trying to seek at every corner of the earth to be able to get "talents" for their company!

Do you know how the staffs of SM Entertainment find Shim Changmin, who has won the heart of audiences around the world? It was when he was going to play ... badminton with his friends, then SM staff constantly wait for DBSK's maknae every day to be able to "pick him up'' for the company as present!

Seohyun's story (SNSD) is even funnier when she is chosen by SM Entertainment in a crowded place where there are a lot of passengers - the subway. Not only that, when Seohyun was taken to the company for training, she is only an elementary school student!

To win the hearts of Minho, SM Entertainment took a lot of work and time. Minho was cast at a resort but refused to the company's invitation. Then, SM Ent. made plans ... to "pursue" Minho: they follow him from the resort to his home, accompany him every day. After many rejections, Minho finally agreed and became a member of SHINee as today

The two sisters Jessica & Krystal (f (x)) suddenly received an offer from SM Entertainment while they went shopping with their family. The company successfully took the two young ladies of the Jung family and later became a great talents of the groups when SNSD and f (x) debuted.

Looking at Sehun as the present, who would have thought that he was his company casting when he's eating snacks with his friend. After being chased by SM Entertainment, Sehun suspects that this person is a scam and trying to escape. After 30 minutes, the staff of the company finally made Sehun decide to join, practice to become a member of EXO.

Does SM have secret tips of looking for talents? However, to be able to recruit talented people, surely the staff is also needs to be a "talent" to find out just with one glance who has the potential or not.



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