Antifans pick on these idols no matter what they do, just see how Jungkook or SinB got ridiculous scandals and you'll know!

tphuong, 11-06-2018
Unlike other members in group, these idols always get the ridiculous scandals.

Nayeon (Twice)

Nayeon doesn't need to do anything, she still gets caught in ridiculous scandals. She constantly involved with the bad attitude as being unfriendly to fans, bullying members or most recently, because she ranked herself 1st in Twice.

However, many have proved that these scandals are deliberately fabricated by netizens. Anyway, JYP is also known for being more of a morality trainer than a talent recruiter. There can't be any idols that have bene able to debut if they have bad attitude, right? 

Baekhyun (EXO)

Baekhyun is probably the most unlucky idol of SM ever to appear on numerous articles for no good reasons. It's been seven years since SM's boygroup made their debut, but anti-fan has never give up on this guy.

He publicized the number of sasaeng fans during the livestream then got cursed at. He publicized his dating relationship: Being cursed. Support for his brother's comeback: again being cursed. Who has to suffer more than Baekhyun? However, "the more lovers the more haters", after all, Baekhyun is the most famous member of EXO. 

Taeyeon (SNSD)

Just like Baekhyun, Taeyeon has always been the one who suffered of most rumors related to SNSD during the past 11 years. Taeyeon and YoonA are the two most prominent members of the national girlgroup from the early days of their debut. But contrast to YoonA who is always considered an angel, or national treasure, and has never been caught in any scandal during all 10 years working in the field, Taeyeon alone had to endure the attacks of netizens .

The peak of the hate of Korean netizen is her dating scandal with Baekhyun and when Jessica left the group. It is impossible to list all the bad words that Taeyeon had to hear at that time.

However, she didn't step back due to all those hatreds but even gained more successes. She released so many hit songs, sold out all of her solo concert tickets, the "Queen" position of Taeyeon is not having any signs of failure. 

Joy (Red Velvet)

Joy's troubles with anti-fan started since she played the female lead of "The Great Seducer." Red Velvet member was criticized for absent from the group's performance in North Korea. After that, netizens scolded Joy more because of her unbelievably bad acting, making "The Great Seducer" one of the lowest rated films in history.

However, there is no denying Joy's involvement in acting that has brought new steps in her career. Now when you look at Red Velvet, people are no longer just staring at Irene or Seulgi as before. Joy's image became more popular in the Korean public, including those who did not care and did not regularly listen to Kpop. 

SinB (G-Friend)

If other idols are often scolded because of their attitude towards the fans, their colleagues or even their group's members, the case of SinB is rather strange, she is scolded because of her facial expression.

Up until now, anti-fans have not let go of SinB, often "calling her name" when someone mentions about idols with bad attitude. However, K-pop fans in general and G-Friend's fandom in particular have all fallen for her "girl-crush" character. Among the 3rd generation female idols, SinB also owns a large and stable fan base. 

Seolhyun (AOA)

Seolhyun has a tremendous career in both singing and acting, as well as stepping up as the queen of commercials in just a few years. However, at the same time, she has gained more innumerable scandals. Seolhyun has received all the clapperclaw for being compared with "national first love" Suzy by her own management company.

Seolhyun's career has almost "ended" by her scandal in mid-2016. When the dating scandal between her and top rapper/ producer Zico was released, no one was satisfied with Seolhyun and just waited to criticize her.

No one denies that the price of popularity is scandalous. There are still a lot of unknown idols struggling with their own careers, using all of tricks for wanting to be concerned by netizens.

Jimin, V, Jungkook (BTS)

Along with many consecutive global success, BTS must be the boygroup no one can confront at the present time in terms of popularity and the wide range of their fandom. However, many lovers also means many haters.

BTS's music is not just about ARMY - who always support and protect them unconditionally, but also the companion of netizens who frequently discomfort to the success of 7 guys, or anti-fans who always waiting for the mistakes.

And, of course, the most targeted ones are always the most popular members. In the case of BTS, it is the "maknae line" Jimin, V, Jungkook.

From the time he changed into the glamorous image, growing up with "Blood, Sweat and Tear", Jimin's fans are more and more increasing, also resulting in a huge amount of anti-fans. In just a short of time, Jimin has been caught in two "Death threats".

He is frequently a victim of unsubstantiated rumors, being bashed from appearance to personality. Antifan also seems  to be very angry when Jimin always takes the "killing part", although this is definitely the decision of the company.

Although Jimin is the main target of death threats of BTS, but the "golden maknae" Jungkook is the one who has always been criticized by the netizens from the debut time. The main reason is that he is too talented and being "partial" by company. The company lets him take both positions of being centered and main vocal.

Among the members of BTS, "the most handsome face in the world 2017" - V is probably the member who often suffered the most ridiculous scandals. Teasing with a fan to make her stop crying at the fansign, immediately his face appeared on some articales and threads on the internet with the title as pulling off fan's hair. 

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