"Akgae fan": the most hated community in Kpop

Thanhng, 31-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Akgae fan (or fan only), become an obsession for Kpop fandoms by troubles that they can cause for idol groups.

“Akgae fans” (known as “malicious individual fans”) are people who only like one member of the group instead of the group as a whole, and even strongly dislike other members.

Where did the term “akgae fan” come from?  

There are thousands of reasons why we choose a bias in an idol group, such as for their talents, styles and looks. However, “reality survival programs” are the main factor for the increasing of akgae fans.

Survival programs create many akgae fans

Survival programs like “Produce 101” or “Idol School” have the same motif, using fans’ votes to pick up members who will stay on for the next round. Fans are forced to choose their bias and do everything to help their favorite members stay on for the last round. As a result, these “fan only” tend to bash other “rivals” from the survival programs to show affection to their own bias.

A typical example of this is the winning group from Produce 101 season 2 - Wanna One. Due to the selection form of 11 members for the winning group are those who have the highest number of votes, many of conflicts have been created. Akgae fans of Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon, who received the final first and second rankings, claimed that their idols deserved to get better with center positions; while the other members’ akgae fans thought that their favorite biases did not get enough attention.

Many of Kang Daniel's akgaes were outraged over his lack of screentime in their debut music videos

Second factor of the increasing akgae fans is the agency’s promotion plans for a single member. In some small and medium-sized agencies, they can only concentrate on the most popular and potential members. However, this may have both pros and cons. That member may become famous and get lots of attention for the group. On the other hand, that member will attract akgae fans, who only support him or her; then fans of other members who do not get promoted may be dissatisfied with the unfair treatment and grow conflicts towards akgae fans of all members of the group.

DIA, Gugudan have a lot of akgae fans because of the agencies' selective promotion of a single over the others

Akgae fans that cause disunity

There is nothing to say if these akgae fans know how to be nice and kind to other members of a group.

Tzuyu (TWICE) was a victim of some extreme akgae fans. During an event the group attended, when it was Tzuyu's turn, many of akgae fans screamed, "Do not say it," "Shut up," making her feel uncomfortable. Then she had to transfer the microphone to another member.

Akgae fans may be the reason of growing jealous of fellow members, which lead to discord between members in a group.

However, Akgae fans also cause internal conflicts within the fandom community. Thus, if a fandom focuses on arguing with each other than putting their effort in voting for their group to win on music shows and awards, this can be dangerous for the group’s future.


In the music industry, where idol group’s success is mainly due to a strong fan base; akgae fans are a threat to the group’s overall stability. No one can force you to love all of members in an idol group, please be a true fan. 


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