After seeing these female stars in historical dramas, audience all agreed that they should never appear in hanbok for such film genres again!

KawaiiB, 08-06-2018
These beauties are definitely not suitable for historical dramas. 

Na Eun (A Pink)

Na Eun is normally this beautiful

She acted as young Hae In in the historical drama The Great Seer. Na Eun’s fans find it hard to recognize their pretty idol.

Because this was how she looked in that movie

In the movie, Na Eun only had light makeup. This revealed her pale, uneven skin. Na Eun's hair in the film also made her face look chubby.

When appearing with this formation on television, Na Eun shocked fans. Audiences also commented that she looked like a servant in this movie...

All of Na Eun's defects like dark skin, rounded face were completely revealed.

Kim Ah Joong

Kim Ah Joong’s beautiful and sharp image

She fascinates the audience with her beautiful and sweet beauty. However, only one appearance with the traditional makeup, Kim Ah Joong looked …

In the drama series "Live Up to Your Name" (2017, Kim Ah Joong played a beautiful and talented doctor. An incident occurred that made her travel to the past.

Kim Ah Joong admitted that she did not suitable to act in historical drama herself.

Kim Ah Joong looked dull and less graceful in this movie. It was Kim Ah Joong who shared that she rarely took roles in historical drama because she looked not very good in Hanbok. 

Yoon Ah

Yoon Ah on stage.

Yoon Ah is always considered the visual of SNSD on stage. But this beauty is also a good example of the modern beauty who would look "trivial" in the past.

Yoon Ah's image in this historical movie was heavily criticized.

When starred in Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (2016) Yoon Ah looked less stunning and definitely not fit in with the ancient figure. In addition, due to Yoon Ah's unnatural acting, she received a lot of negative comments.

Comments such as, "Yoona is too modern, filming Chinese historical dramas is a mistake," "Yoona was so bad. Why did she get invited to China to film", "She can’t even play Korean idol drama, I don’t understand why Chinese historical movie like Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long would invite her???”... appeared all over Chinese movie forums.



IU conquered the audience by her small, lovely appearance. But IU also received a lot of criticism when she took part in “Moon Lovers” because she did not fit in with the ancients’ figure.

She was almost "swallowed up" in this hair bun.

IU's small face is only suitable for youthful, clear makeup. But when appearing with sophisticated makeup, and big buns like this made her look unattractive.  

Han Ye Seul

The beauty of Han Ye Seul.

Han Ye Seul is one of the most prominent actresses in Korea and especially loved through the movie “Birth of a Beauty”. Audience impresses with Han Ye Seul’s modern and sharp look.

However, she looked “rustic” in ancient costumes.

Due to her aforementioned image, in 2012, Han Ye Seul received the title of “the most unsuitable actress for historical movies”. Receiving this result, she bitterly replied: "When I heard the news, I was extremely unhappy".


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