A son of an EXO-L wrote his dream occupation and the reason behind it proves that he knows his mother best

Hoàng Anh Phương, 16-05-2018
His little dream was enough to warm his mother’s heart.

An EXO-L shared a writing her son did in school on the topic of his future aspirations. 

The young boy wrote, 

“If I am a scientist I would like to make a machine that continuously produces money. 

That is because, if money gets continuously produced, I would become a rich guy. 

If I become a rich guy and I do what I want. 

What is I want to do is to buy my mom EXO’s ticket, eat delicious food, 

buy clothes and shoes for mom and dad.” 

The mom who is an EXOL captioned that “Seems like I will be liking EXO until our son becomes a rich guy…”

Sure is a sweet boy. 

Source: KStarLive

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