9 extremely familiar moments to international KPOP fans through the series of funny fanmade photos

Mai Nhung, 10-02-2018
What is more painful than only being able to see your beloved idols from the far distance?

Noone can deny the fact that Hallyu influence has brought KPOP beyond Korea’s border, spreading to many different coutries in the world.

Although globalization is considered the strategy of the CEOs in entertainment industry or their orientation are trying to find the ways to bring KPOP into different countries, even when idols always try holding the global tour, it still exists a strong barrier of language and geography between domestic fans and international fans, which is also the main reason for I-fans' huge jealousy.

There are nine familiar moments to international KPOP fan, and let’s check that what is the point among them you have ?

Moment 1: Entertainment company announces global tour and my country is not on the list!

I want to meet CEO, right now! We are also fans! Answer me: What is justice? Why is not our country???

Try to pretend not to care about it: "Oh, accept it! I don't care so much  !"

Moment 2: But when idol finally decided to come to my country

Is this true or a dream?...

What are you waiting for?...Let's go party!

Check for tickets, piggy banks and ask for "scholarships" from parents

Moment 3: Wait for the subtitles of MV, TV Show, Drama ... that your idols appear in

Still watching original show without subtitle, but a bit confused

Of course, I am not Korean so can't speak Korean, Sadly!!!

Just laugh when idol laugh, cry when idol cry due to not understanding anything

Moment 4: When imitating lyrics in your favorite song

In Korean words:

 Try to sing the transcription as you can hear

Sarang? What is "Sarang"? Did I sing correctly?

But in English words:

YOU ARE MY DESTINY ~ (sing like main vocal in group and confident to sing loudly)

Moment 5: Watch Korean fans in fan meeting, signed autographs, clapping hands ... and so on with idols.

Well, you must be very happy!

Must go to Korea by any way !!!!

Moment 6: Wait for idols' MV, Vlive but it released at 12 a.m KST

 My gods ! Why choose this hour to broadcast?

Moment 7: When people around ask:  "Why are you listening to KPOP music when you can't understand Korean?"

Until the end of this life, you also can't understand my heart !!!

Moment 8: Unfortunately, using the term, sign, movement (which only KPOP fans understand) to someone don't care KPOP !

This is me:

"This is my heart , i love you bbuing"

 And this is my friend:

"You think you're funny ?

Moment 9: whenever i ask someone "Do you like kpop?"

Another KPOP fan:

"KPOP is my life"

A non-fan of KPOP:

Said a wrong sentence with a careless face: "Hmmm ... Yes! I like Oppa Gangnam Style "

Do you see these 9 moments familiar to you?


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