8 Scene stealing comic relief characters in Kdrama

Hoàng Anh Phương, 28-01-2018
Sometimes, the best part of a drama isn’t the main couple, the fashion, or even the plot — it’s the amazing characters who come on screen and make viewers laugh.

Sometimes, the best part of a drama isn’t the main couple, the fashion, or even the plot — it’s the amazing characters who come on screen and make viewers laugh. These bubbly personas who have no problem whatsoever with embarrassing themselves and making everyone laugh or cringe are undoubtedly a plus in any kdrama. On that note, here are a few of these scene stealing comic relief characters.

Kang Ki Young as Oh Min Seo/Jo Deuk Hwan

Drama: Oh my Ghost, High School King of Savvy

kdrama comic relief oh my ghost oh min seo

kdrama comic relief high school king of savvy jo deuk hwan

This man is a particular favorite comic relief actor of mine, because of how genuinely funny his acting is. He is one of those actors who knows how to ignore the cameras and just be effortlessly silly. All of his actions are so painlessly smooth that it’s hard to distinguish between whether or not he is acting or just being himself.

Ye Ji Won as Park Soo Kyung

Drama: Another Oh Hae Young

kdrama comic relief Another Oh Hae Young park soo kyung

This particular kdrama was filled with quite a few comic relief characters, which made it really hard to choose this actress. But anyone who has seen the drama will agree that it was a major challenge to watch Ye Ji Won with a straight face. Something about her actions and facial expressions constantly made me burst out laughing — even after I had finished watching the drama.

Jung Sang Hoon as Han Ryang Ha

Drama: Lucky Romance

kdrama comic relief Han Ryang Ha

In a drama that is already inherently funny in itself, it’s hard for any character but our leads and supporting leads to make any real impression. However, this man manages to do just that with his ridiculous speech and even more absurd actions. Everything from his friendship with the male lead to his private romance in the drama brings laughter; it’s very nearly impossible not to like his character.

Kim Seul Gi as Jang Dam Bi and Kim Seul Gi

Drama: Splash Splash Love, Flower Boy Next Door

kdrama comic relief splash splash love jang dan bi


kdrama comic relief flower boy next door kim seul gi

Kim Seul Gi is a master of comedic gag. She can deliver both super exaggerated, borderline obnoxious personalities to more subtly funny characters through her sassy attitude and rapid dialogue deliveries. No matter what role she’s in  — a boy crazed webtoon editor, a virgin ghost with a grudge, or a time traveling high schooler — she will inevitably put a smile on your face or some outright bursts of laughter.

Lee Hong Gi as Jeremy

Drama: You’re Beautiful

kdrama comic relief you're beautiful jeremy

Lee Hong Gi as Jeremy in You’re Beautiful is one of the legitimately funniest comic relief characters in a drama to date. Although, this drama is somewhat old, Lee Hong Gi’s acting is so memorable that it’s easy to recall in detail almost every scene he was in. Over-the-top actions never looked as good on anyone as it did on Lee Hong Gi.

Heo Jung Min as Park Hoon/ Lee Hoon Dong

Drama: Another Oh Hae Young, Marriage Not Dating

kdrama comic relief another oh hae young park hoon


kdrama comic relief marriage not dating lee hoon dong

With his signature style of having a poker face right before doing a gag, Heo Jung Min is another actor that’s not afraid to be extremely silly in front of the cameras. Whether he’s busy falling in love with a girl way younger than he is, or accidentally impregnating a friend of a friend, this is one actor that’s sure to get viewers laughing in a matter of seconds — spit-takes included.

Hwang Seok Jeong as Kim Rara

Drama: She Was Pretty

kdrama comic relief she was pretty kim rara

This woman is an embodiment of humor, as shown in this kdrama. It’s downright admirable how she manages to keep a straight face while portraying the most hilarious characters ever. She doesn’t go overboard enough to make you cringe either; she shows unseriousness as seriously as possible.

Jo Hee Bong as Detective Ki

Drama: The Girl Who Sees Smells

kdrama comic relief the girl who sees smells detective ki

Jo Hee Bong in The Girl Who Sees Smells was such a delight to watch. As a veteran supporting actor there were already expectations from him, and he didn’t disappoint any of his fans. Every time he called his girlfriend’s name (Elena Vashilivnashivanova) was a treat — an indisputably hilarious treat.

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