7 mesmerizing hair colors of V (BTS) - The color drives fans crazy the most is ... ???

KawaiiB, 14-06-2018
These colors make V look outstanding whenever he makes comeback with BTS.

Hair color is considered one of the "omen" for a comeback of idol groups. Every time before the comeback stage, idols change their hair color. Besides Suga, V is the second member who dyes hair the most in BTS, he also joked that he had tried all the hair color and whether should he try to dye skin-like hair color.


With the theme song Fire, Taehyung dyed flaming red, however, because he was so tan, V quickly came back to brown hair afterward.

V used to have light pink hair with brown as the main color.


In the promotion of War Of Hormone, V had violet hair, which was also his favorite color out of 7 main colors


Taehyung's most prominent hairstyle can be said to be orange, which he had when BTS was not well known to the public. He was able to catch the attention of many people with this hair color. After watching BTS's "Boy In Luv" performance, many people went to Naver to look for him.

Highlight green

Instead of having a completely green hairstyle, V just highlighted his bang with this color to create something fresh.


His blonde hair looked so stunning. With his high nose, V looked like a truly Western royalty.

Compare to V’s blonde hair when he first debuted, he looked more mature and charismatic.


Although, having dyed this color multiple times, V still able to melt millions of fans’ hearts.


Light brown

Dark brown


So does black hair, in fact, this hair color has the most “antipersonnel” level.

Từ khóa


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