7 Best cuts from Wanna One's 'Light' which get our heart weak

Hoàng Anh Phương, 05-06-2018
Wanna One has released the music video of their latest track, 'Light,' and here are scenes you cannot miss! 

On June 4th, Wanna One made their comeback with 'Light,' which is the title track of their special album, '1÷x=1 (UNDIVIDED).' Along with the title track, fans can listen to the group's unit songs by:

Triple Position (Kang Daniel, Kim Jaehwan, and Park Woojin), title song is 'Kangaroo'

Lean On Me (Hwang Minhyun, Yoon Jisung, and Ha Sungwoon), title song is 'Forever+1'

Number One (Bae Jinyoung, Lai Kwanlin, and Park Jihoon), title song is '11'

The Heal (Ong Seongwu and Lee Daehwi), title song is 'Hourglass'

Here, we have picked 7 best cuts from the MV!

First of all, this scene shows Hwang Minhyun's cold gaze "attacking" fans. Yes, you could not help but to "surrender" to him. 

And, remember this cassette? Yes, eagle-eyed fans must have been aware of this. The cassette can be found in every Wanna One's MV, since 'Energetic.' 

Just like the title of the song, 'Light,' these scenes will delight you with the members' visual. See how perfect their face is when the light strikes their face!

Will you even refuse to love this scene of Kang Daniel jumping high above the clouds? No, we won't.

This scene might be only beautiful for most people, but indeed, it has deep meaning behind it. Ha Sungwoon walks among the flowers and the scene depicts the saying "Walk on the flowery road," which implies to have only good things in life. 

Last, but of course, not least, the last scene where all the 11 members stand together. Wanna be the one!

So, which scene is your favorite from the MV, ladies and gentlemen? 

Source: KStarLive

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